My Cats Need Help

So some days I like to put human conditions on my cats.  I suffer from mental illness so I don’t take offense to labeling my cats with some disorders.   More people need to be aware of mental illness and how it affects people’s daily lives.  It really shouldn’t be such a touchy touchy subject, but I digress.

Dac: My psychopath.  She also has ADHD and OCD.  She loves tipping everything over.  She can’t pass a bottle and not tip it over.  If something is upright and she can make it not upright she will.

My other cats are sometimes afflected with seeing things that are not there.  I get a little creeped out when Dac is sitting and meowing at the ceiling.  Or Java is pawing franticly at the wall and meowing and than bolts off.   Nothing is on the wall and nothing is on the ceiling.  I was the first person to live in my place so I hope there aren’t any ghosts, lol.  While I guess the only ghosts their would be would be Fruit Fly ghost, lol.


The Crazy Cat Lady

My neighbors must think I’m strange (which is totally ok with me).  I’m not sure if they know if I have cats and I hope they know I don’t have kids.   My walls are paper thin, now you can’t actually hear conversations, but you can hear voices.

Some of my screechings:

  • Not my bladder.  Off the bladder.
  • I’m not a blood donor (as I run to the bathroom dripping blood).
  • DAIQUIRI DAIQUIRI (They must think I’m a raging alcoholic :)).
  • Fine.  Don’t eat, just starve.  (Dac won’t eat when I want her to eat and no she never starves).

A Typical Morning with a CAT!!!!!

So I’m a night owl and usually go to bed at 1 or 2 am  and sleep for 10 hours.  That’s how I function and makes me happy.  Dac thinks that is WAY to long to wait to be fed so she insists on being fed between 7 am and 10 am.  Here’s her routine:

  1. Scratch at the blanket so the human lets me in.
  2. Climb all over the human and poke her with my nails.
  3. Lick her hands or start to make biscuits.
  4. Climb out of blanket.
  5. Repeat 1-4 until human gets up.

I get up and fed all three fur balls and climb back into bed.  I don’t free feed my cats because of the risk of obesity.  Java is a pig and would eat herself silly.  I would love to free feed Dac, but not going to happen because of my other two cats.  It’s much easier to have healthy weight cats than have to get a cat to lose weight.


Cats will play with anything and probably everything.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to keep your kitty entertained and if you want to keep your fingers and toes intact than let me offer some  suggestions.

I found a lot of my cat toys at the Dollar store and thrift shop.



I must admit I am quite tempted at buying that toy they keep showing on toy.  The one with a cloth circle and a mouse goes around in a circle, but being frugal I can’t justify the cost so I won’t buy it.

Food and Feeding

What to feed the cat or cats?  It’s a very puzzling question and if you watch a lot of T.V. it can get even more confusing.  Wet food or dry food?  Is corn and meat by products really that bad for cats?  Confusion reigns.

When I first got my kittens all were first started on KMR (milk is very bad for kittens and cats) ( and (I couldn’t find a good site describing it so I used this site.  KMR powder can be found at any Pet store and possibly Wal-Mart or Target).  I than switched to whatever wet cat food was on sale.  Than I hit a period where I had no income for 8 months (yup it’s possible to live without income for 8 months.  Just make sure not to answer your phone.  LOL) so I was taking free cat food.   One brand that was given to me was    and my cats love it.  It’s quite expensive, but these are my children and the bag makes it seem so lovely.