Food and Feeding

What to feed the cat or cats?  It’s a very puzzling question and if you watch a lot of T.V. it can get even more confusing.  Wet food or dry food?  Is corn and meat by products really that bad for cats?  Confusion reigns.

When I first got my kittens all were first started on KMR (milk is very bad for kittens and cats) ( and (I couldn’t find a good site describing it so I used this site.  KMR powder can be found at any Pet store and possibly Wal-Mart or Target).  I than switched to whatever wet cat food was on sale.  Than I hit a period where I had no income for 8 months (yup it’s possible to live without income for 8 months.  Just make sure not to answer your phone.  LOL) so I was taking free cat food.   One brand that was given to me was    and my cats love it.  It’s quite expensive, but these are my children and the bag makes it seem so lovely.


Any thoughts, comments, or questions? I would love to hear from you.

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