My Cats Need Help

So some days I like to put human conditions on my cats.  I suffer from mental illness so I don’t take offense to labeling my cats with some disorders.   More people need to be aware of mental illness and how it affects people’s daily lives.  It really shouldn’t be such a touchy touchy subject, but I digress.

Dac: My psychopath.  She also has ADHD and OCD.  She loves tipping everything over.  She can’t pass a bottle and not tip it over.  If something is upright and she can make it not upright she will.

My other cats are sometimes afflected with seeing things that are not there.  I get a little creeped out when Dac is sitting and meowing at the ceiling.  Or Java is pawing franticly at the wall and meowing and than bolts off.   Nothing is on the wall and nothing is on the ceiling.  I was the first person to live in my place so I hope there aren’t any ghosts, lol.  While I guess the only ghosts their would be would be Fruit Fly ghost, lol.


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