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Cats will play with anything and probably everything.  You don’t need to spend a fortune to keep your kitty entertained and if you want to keep your fingers and toes intact than let me offer some  suggestions.

I found a lot of my cat toys at the Dollar store and thrift shop.



I must admit I am quite tempted at buying that toy they keep showing on toy.  The one with a cloth circle and a mouse goes around in a circle, but being frugal I can’t justify the cost so I won’t buy it.

Food and Feeding

What to feed the cat or cats?  It’s a very puzzling question and if you watch a lot of T.V. it can get even more confusing.  Wet food or dry food?  Is corn and meat by products really that bad for cats?  Confusion reigns.

When I first got my kittens all were first started on KMR (milk is very bad for kittens and cats) ( and (I couldn’t find a good site describing it so I used this site.  KMR powder can be found at any Pet store and possibly Wal-Mart or Target).  I than switched to whatever wet cat food was on sale.  Than I hit a period where I had no income for 8 months (yup it’s possible to live without income for 8 months.  Just make sure not to answer your phone.  LOL) so I was taking free cat food.   One brand that was given to me was    and my cats love it.  It’s quite expensive, but these are my children and the bag makes it seem so lovely.

Dangerous Foods

It annoys me to no end when I see on TV or a movie giving a cat milk.  Cats and kittens can’t digest/break down lactose.  So therefore they shouldn’t be given milk.  If you find an orphan kitten that needs “milk” please give them KMR powder (

Other dangerous foods include:

  • Chocolate
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Caffeine
  • Grapes and Raisins
  • Yeast Dough
  • Alcohol
  • Avocado
  • Bones
  • Citrus
  • Fish

The list is quite extensive and is probably safe to say the safest food for cats is cat food.  I will admit I’m not an angel and do sometimes feed my cats human food.  When they sit on my lap and use their begging eyes, I relent.  I’m trying really hard, though, to only feed them their cat food in order to protect them and extend their life expectancy.

I gleaned this list through searching the internet.  If you want to know why these foods are dangerous, search the internet and many resources will pop up.

The Elusive Cat

Java is a very private and shy cat.  I rarely get good pictures of her.  The one time she isn’t shy is when I’m in the bathroom.  She is my lap warmer, lol.  Java is also the one who gets picked on, as both Eddie and Dac will play fight with her. She is always the one on the bottom.  Java loves sleeping in the empty spare bedroom.  If I can’t find her, that is the first place I look.

Java is a really beautiful cat and I wish I had more pictures of her, but she isn’t one that loves the camera.

Mom is a Genius!

While ok, mom isn’t really a genius.  I’ve snooped around when she took an online IQ test and it showed she was average.  I’ve also heard her mention that she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, but only is at a Grade 8 math level, oops.  But she is a genius when making this blog work and show casing my handsomeness.

She does 3 to 6 posts on the weekend and sets them up so they publish on certain days.  Than during the week she just needs to pop in and respond to comments and read (which she loooves to do) other kitty blogs and comment on them.  This way also she hopes it will keep the blogging wheels on the blog when crazy summer comes along.  I’m dreading summer already.  Mom often leaves us alone for days and comes back home covered in dirt or mud.  Mom says she works in a 3 acre pumpkin patch and 1 acre market garden and cans 1000 jars.  But that is a topic for another day.  So I will say my mom is a half genius.

Eddie aka Edward the Turd aka Edward the Third aka Mr. Grouchy


Indoors vs. Outdoors

My cats are 99%  indoor cats and I would never think of letting them roam freely outside.  My opinion on indoor vs. outdoor depends on where you live.  If you live in the city please don’t let your cats roam freely outdoors.  If you live in the country and it’s not highly populated (except with animals, lol) than I’m ok with people letting their cats outdoors.

Risk for Indoor City cats that are let outside and cats that are strictly outdoors:

  • Health issues: worms, ear mites, rabies, URI (upper resporatry infection) among many other illnesses.
  • Annoyed neighbors who don’t appreciate cats using their gardens as litter boxes.

Another thing to consider is that indoor cats live longer than outdoor cats.  Indoor cats tend to live from 12 to 20 years of age, while outdoor cats typically live  10 years, and stray/feral cats live to 5 years of age.

Today I saw a dead cat on a country road.  It always breaks my heart when I see dead cats on the road.  I’m sure everyone has heard about the cat who got shot with an arrow.  On Instagram someone had their cat stolen, numerous cats have been run over, and a cat died when he fell off a fence.  If these cats would have been indoor cats, their deaths could have been prevented.  Harsh, but true.

I do occasionally take my cats outside with a halter and leash.  Eddie and Java hate it outside, while Dac loves it.

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 5: Earth

Mom’s head was a spinning with ideas to do with Earth (har har: spinning and earth.  I hope it isn’t spinning too fast).  When mom thinks of earth she thinks of DIRT.  It was earth day on Wednesday, April 22, hence the theme of Earth.  I’m still going with the idea of DIRT, lol.  My cats are only allowed outside on a halter and Eddie and Java hate it.  Dac loves it, but she is a bit of a monkey and being on a second floor balcony is a bit dangerous.

The baby garden at 0.33 acres. I plant veggies that need to be picked three times a week (beans and cucumbers) and early crops in this garden (beets, cabbage, and carrots). The other garden is a 3 acre pumpkin patch and 0.7 acre veggie garden.
Inside the greenhouse.
I had to include a picture of the farm dog, Stuey, enjoying the green grass.
The temp inside of the greenhouse. One time the fan broke and it went up to 50 celsius. I didn’t work in the greenhouse that day. We have two temps because we have a greenhouse inside of a greenhouse. Sounds confusing, but it is our way of saving heat. In the beginning of the season we only use 1/3 of the greenhouse.
Jenny doesn’t enjoy when earth (dirt) and water mix. Jenny is a mini horse that my parents use to give pony rides. This is a very “earthy” picture :).



Answer to Quiz.

  1. What breed is Dac?  Trick question, lol.  She is both a farm cat and a Manx.
  2. Where did I get my cats from?  My parent’s hobby farm.  They were outdoor kittens and I kittennapped them.
  3. What does the human like doing?  Looking at cat pictures, taking pictures, canning, and gardening.  She gave up on sewing.  She still has the sewing machine, but it’s more of a decoration, lol.
  4. What is Dac’s favorite toy?  Jingle Balls!!!
  5. How many cats do I have? 3: Eddie, Java, and Dac.  And no I don’t have a hidden fourth one, lol.