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Wordless Wednesday: Gardening

This makes mom happy 🙂 and a happy mom means no STRESS!!


Week 13: Spring

Spring.  Hmmm, really.  It’s white and cold outside.  On Wednesday we got a spring blizzard.  My cats are strictly indoor cats so no spring pics of them, but I do have some other springy pics.

It’s suppose to be SPRING!!!!! What’s with all that white stuff on the ground???


This is more like spring!! My parent’s mini greenhouse.


Pretty eggs from my parent’s chickens. They are Americauna and Silkie eggs. They also have a Leghorn (who is suppose to lay white eggs, but has stopped), Rhode Island Red, and Columbia Plymouth Rock chickens.
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Wordless Wednesday: I’m the Royal of the Condo!!


A Princess has to be dainty when cleaning her paws. A servant would make the job easier.
Ha ha!! Dac I’m older than you so therefore I get the title Queen Java the Diva.
The girls can be all regal, I’m just going to be Edward the Turd. No dignity for me.
Dac I don’t need help cleaning my ears. I know royals use servants to help them clean, but seriously I can do it myself. Oh, my tongue can’t reach my ears!! Oops, keep cleaning.
A very regal Queen Java the Diva.
The Queen can touch her nose.