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My Cats Need Help

So some days I like to put human conditions on my cats.  I suffer from mental illness so I don’t take offense to labeling my cats with some disorders.   More people need to be aware of mental illness and how it affects people’s daily lives.  It really shouldn’t be such a touchy touchy subject, but I digress.

Dac: My psychopath.  She also has ADHD and OCD.  She loves tipping everything over.  She can’t pass a bottle and not tip it over.  If something is upright and she can make it not upright she will.

My other cats are sometimes afflected with seeing things that are not there.  I get a little creeped out when Dac is sitting and meowing at the ceiling.  Or Java is pawing franticly at the wall and meowing and than bolts off.   Nothing is on the wall and nothing is on the ceiling.  I was the first person to live in my place so I hope there aren’t any ghosts, lol.  While I guess the only ghosts their would be would be Fruit Fly ghost, lol.


The Crazy Cat Lady

My neighbors must think I’m strange (which is totally ok with me).  I’m not sure if they know if I have cats and I hope they know I don’t have kids.   My walls are paper thin, now you can’t actually hear conversations, but you can hear voices.

Some of my screechings:

  • Not my bladder.  Off the bladder.
  • I’m not a blood donor (as I run to the bathroom dripping blood).
  • DAIQUIRI DAIQUIRI (They must think I’m a raging alcoholic :)).
  • Fine.  Don’t eat, just starve.  (Dac won’t eat when I want her to eat and no she never starves).

Cat Yoga Part 2

Yoga Part 2.  Again not for the faint of heart.  Try the poses at your own risk.    To see part one:

The Hang.  Lie on a bed or table and let your head hang over the side. Will relieve tension in your neck.
The Hang Pro. Feeling good with The Hang, try the Hang Pro. Lie on a bed or table and slowly slide off of the bed head first.  Make sure no is around to give you an extra push.
The Crunch. Find a comfortable lap and start doing crunches. For best effect try not to fall asleep.
The Eat My Leg Pose. Lie on your side and slowly raise your leg to your mouth.
Eat Some Flies. Lie on your stomach and raise each leg, one at a time. To get a better stretch, touch your head to your butt.
The Sphinx Mermaid. Lie on you stomach and get put your elbows on the floor.  Try to look like a mermaid and a Sphinx.
Let It All Hang. Lie on your side and let it all hang out.

10 Signs You Are A Crazy Cat Person (And Proud Of It!)

10 Signs You Are A Crazy Cat Person (And Proud Of It!) | The Animal Rescue Site     

10. It’s an unwritten rule that if a cat is sleeping in your lap, you don’t move. The bathroom will just have to wait.    

9. Best part of any delivery? Knowing that your cat just found a new favorite toy – the box!    

8. Your phone is FULL of cat pictures, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.      

7. You rely on the sound of purring, rather than a sound machine, to get a good night’s sleep.      

6. You know there is no such thing as “private time”. Bathroom, shower, nap, it doesn’t matter – they will find you. You rarely close doors because it’s just a waste of time.     

5. You have actual conversations with your cat, because you are sure they understand you. (Because they do!)

Hey there, how was your day?” “Meow” “Oh, really? What was your favorite part?” “Meowwwww” “How interesting!”

4. You know firsthand the struggle that is working from home (or using the computer in general) when you have cats.

3.  Your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds are all filled with photos of your cat. Bonus points if your profile picture is of your cat!

     2.  Black (or white) clothing is no longer a functional part of your wardrobe because of the amount of cat hair that sticks to it.

1. You are still amazed at how your cat knows EXACTLY what you need when you are upset, stressed, or mad. A cat cuddle has the magical power to change everything.

Found this list on facebook, which led me to a cat blog.  I copied the list onto my blog because that blog is a case of how NOT to do a blog.  Too cluttered and ugly in my opinion :).

Nail Care

I hate clipping my cats nails.  To me the sound when you clip the nails sounds like someone scratching their nails against a chalkboard.  It’s torture.  I have a lovely sister who clips Dacs nails for me when she comes for a visit.  I would recommend clipping your cats nails to prevent the destruction of your house.

If you cat keeps scratching everything in site something else to try is Soft Paws (  I have tried them and loved them.  The only issue I had was the cost and the fact I needed two people to put them on.  I have used on them Eddie and Java once and when they fell off I just left it.  I am tempted to put them on Dac.

A good article on how to trim your cats nails can be found here:  If you haven’t trimmed a cats nails it is important to read up on it because you can do a lot of damage to the nail if it isn’t trimmed properly.

Another way to keep your cats nails short is to have scratching posts in your house.  My cats hate the cardboard ones and will only use the carpet ones.  I have five scratching posts scattered around my place, lol.  My cats still love destroying my furniture, but luckily all of my furniture was hand me downs so I’m not concerned about the appearance of the furniture.

Java with her pretty nails. Getting them on her was difficult, but it worked.



Anti-vet??  This is a question I often mull around in my head.  I have concluded I’m half and half, let me explain.

I grew up in the country and often visited my Uncle’s farm.  I was taught that animals were not “permanent” and could be replaced.  If an animal was sick it was put down and we got a different animal.  Also our dogs got run over a lot, for some reason.  We tried to train them to stick around the yard, but it never seemed to work.  I was attached to the animals I grew up, but not too attached.

My mullings on being anti-vet have started when I joined Instagram.  I often see people pleading for money to help a stray animal or help with a large vet bill.  This is where it gets a little grey.  I am totally for people helping animals, but don’t understand pumping thousands of dollars into an animal.  I have often thought what I would do if my cats got sick and it would cost hundreds, if not thousands to get them well.  I think, because of the way I was brought up, I would put them down.  I love my cats dearly and each is unique in their own way, but I’m not rich so I would never be able to afford a massive bill and I don’t feel right pleading with people for money.

I’m all for animals getting fixed and strongly encourage people to fix their cats and dogs.  We have far too many dogs and cats in this world and we don’t need to keep adding to the overpopulation.  I also believe in vaccinating animals, but haven’t done enough research into it to really give an opinion on it.

My other thought is instead of pumping hundreds or thousands of money into one animal, why not donate that type of cash to a no-kill animal shelter?  Instead of saving one animal, you could be saving several if not more.  I totally get that some people view their animals as their children and would do anything for their children.  And your money is your money and you can spend it as you see fit :).  My cats are my fur children and I love them dearly, but I can’t justify putting tons of money into getting them well if they would fall sick.

Also I grew up frugal and know that money doesn’t grow on trees.  I also went for a period of living on no money for 7 months and never want to do that again so any leftover money I have goes into a savings account.  My other thought is if I were ever to get a $1000 vet bill, it would take over 10 months to pay it back.  Ouch!!!  What are your thoughts on paying hundreds or thousands of dollars on vet bills for animals?

Allen and I.
Allen and I.