Hi, I’m Lorissa and I love cats.  Currently I have 3 fur balls: Eddie, Dac, and Java.  This blog is to inform the reader on issues regarding cats, share funny stories, and share the thousands of pictures I take of my cats and my parents farm cats.

So take a deep breath through the nose and let it out through the mouth.  Make sure you are sitting up nice and straight.  And again take a deep breath through the nose and let it out through the mouth.  Relax.  Now browse around and learn something new about cats or have a laugh or a smile.

In 2015 I’m going to try to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The winter months should be no problem, but summer’s are my crazy months so…………

For more information on my cats:

For information on the title:

Hope you have some fun while browsing around.

The closest to a family picture that will ever happen.

WP_20140325_005[1] WP_20140325_007[1]


2 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. Just got home after being away for a week. Kat is so lonely that she came to mine and the dogs side of the house. I’m sitting in my recliner with her little brother Hepzee (whom she hates) and petting her behind the chair so they don’t have to look at each other.

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