I like to MOVE IT!!

It’s the weekend and for the weekend here’s a laugh.

dancing dac

I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it
I like to move it, move it
You like to move it

“I Like To Move It” was written by Morillo, Erick A./quashie, Mark H..

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Adoption of a Kitten or Cat

“Hey I want a cat” you say and I would reply “Whoa, have you thought this through”?

I got Eddie on an impulse, but I grew up around cats and I always wanted to have cats.  Also I knew I wasn’t moving any time soon after moving around 7 times in 14 years (I can’t exactly remember how many times I moved back in with my parents :)).  I know that I have lived in 4 apartments and now my condo in 14 years.  The one strike I did have against me was that I wasn’t in a financially stable position so it did add-on an expense.  I also knew there wouldn’t be any new humans in the house for a long or ever time.  I guess I had given it some thought, but hadn’t thought through the timing of getting a kitten.

Some things to consider before getting a cat:

  • Where is your life heading in the next 15 years?  That is the average life expectancy of an indoor cat and some live while into their 20’s.
  • Will you be able to care for a cat for the next 15 to 20 years?
  • Can you tolerate cat hair and having to vacuum A LOT or brush the cat A LOT?
  • Do you have finances in place for cat food, vet bills (they are EXPENSIVE), and litter?

I see red when people get rid of a cat because a new baby comes into the family, they change furniture and the cat no longer matches (that is the stupidest reason I have ever heard of), or because the cat scratches too much.   I know some circumstances you can’t prevent and you have no choice but to surrender your cat.  I don’t have an issue with these people and can understand their pain at having to say good-bye to a family member.  I have issues with people getting rid of their cat because they did not think it through and it was an impulsive decision and they now regret it.  Think before you get a cat.

Please make sure you do your homework before adopting a cat and make sure it is something that you can commit to for the long-term.  Another thing to consider is do you have the time for a cat?  Yes cats aren’t like dogs and need lots of walks and such, but cats still do need time with humans to play and be loved.   Cats should NOT be treated like a piece of clothing that you can discard and get rid of as you please.

Now if you have considered this all and you can say that you can love a cat and take care of it for the next 15 to 20 years, than congratulations and go get yourself a cat.  There are many in shelters that are looking for a forever home and there are so many cute kittens and cats out there.

I am so very cute, but can you love me and take care of me for the next 15 years?


The Laptop Graveyard

This post has nothing to do about cats, but the apparatus I use to blog.  My apparatus has decided to bite the dust and maybe won’t need to be added to the laptop graveyard.  I’l find out in 14 days what the status of my laptop is.

Laptop one:  I bought my first laptop with my tax refund.  It was a really good laptop and lasted a while.  It was the first one to go to the laptop graveyard after I fried the hard drive.

Laptop two:  Was also a good laptop until the hinge decided to bust.  Yup I managed to break a hinge on my laptop.  I used a roll of duct tape to keep it together and it worked.  The only problem was that, I think, when the hinged broke it cut the wifi cable.  This wasn’t a problem until I took a trip.  I always joked that my laptop always wanted to be a tablet and was trying to achieve that dream.

Laptop three:  I fried the hard drive AGAIN.  I put in laptop twos hard drive and it worked great.  Than a piece broke off around the plug in area and one day a cable broke off and I couldn’t charge the laptop any more.  Anyone with more laptop knowledge know, would this be fixable or would this be a really expensive fix?

Laptop four:  My parents gave it to me as a present and it lasted a grand total of four and half months and than……I FRIED the hard drive.  Yup I’m really good at frying hard drives.  Laptop four is under warranty so we’ll see what happens.  I’m currently on a loaner so knock hard on wood this one doesn’t do anything stupid.  I tried using my phone as a laptop and that just made me go batty.

I’ve had four laptops in the last 12 years.  Is that a good average or a terrible average?  I’m not one to always upgrade to the newest thing so not sure how my average is with other people.  I’m quite thrifty so this seems like I’m frying laptops at a rapid rate.  One other note they were all ACERS.  Maybe that is just a terrible brand and I should stray into something else.  Suggestions??

I don’t treat my laptops badly and I don’t do anything extreme on them so I have no idea why my laptops insist on being in the graveyard instead on my lap working.  Anybody have tips to extend the life of a laptop?

As long as this laptop keeps working the next post will be on CATS and nothing but CATS :)!!

Wiggle, wiggle. I can’t get comfy. I guess I’m just a wiggle bum.

Lying in one spot is so hard to do (these pictures were taken all within 2 hours of each other):

Ok, let’s pose nicely and than maybe mom will put down the camera.
Dac; ‘I need to build up some abs’. Eddie; “Not going to work Dac.’
Mom’s not putting the camera away so let’s fight than.
Thanks for the chin rest Dac.

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I’m the human of the family.  I’m a huge lover of all animals, except rodents.  I have three cats so far (there may be more in the future).  I don’t own a dog, but plans are for one to join the family in the far far future.

I love cats and I love looking at cat pictures.  That is the reason why I started this blog and because I haven’t found a good site that has cute pictures of cats without annoying captions or poor grammar or English written on the pictures.   Sometimes captions make the picture funny and sometimes it distracts from the picture.  I also love taking pictures and have hundreds of pictures of my cats.

I have a scientific background and I find computers aren’t my friend.  Same can be said for my camera.  I use my windows phone and a canon to take my pictures.   Some pictures turn out wonderfully and some are just terrible.  I also have been told I have a weird or unique writing style.  Same can be said for my sense of humor.  You either like my writing style and humor or you detest it :).  My dad’s worse nightmare was reading and correcting my English assignments in High School and essay’s in University.

Beside cats I love to garden, can (pickles, relishes, jams, and jellies), go to farmers’ markets, make handmade cards, and I’m just learning how to sew.  I also love watching T.V. and googling things on the internet.

I own three goats: Chloe, Mozart, and Jack. Chloe had triplets (one died) and my dad’s goat had twins. The black one is Rocky (I had to bottle feed him for 24 hours to keep him alive. He was a fighter.), the black and white one is Oreo, the other black one is Coco, and the speckled one is Mayble.
The human in the family.
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