Kitten Development



Daciquiri aka Dac is the baby of the family.  She was born in fall of 2013.  I had two cats already and didn’t really want another one, but I fell in love with her.  She also had a stump of a tail and I have always loved unique cats.  In October I smuggled her home so nobody would know I had acquired my third cat.  It took a while, but eventually my other cats started “tolerating” her (I can’t say they love her because of her massive amounts of energy).

Dac is an energize bunny, a busy beaver, a momma’s cat (can’t be out of my sight for long periods of time), a cuddler, and is very inquisitive.    If I need a laugh Dac can make me laugh.  She also loves to carry things in her mouth and can basically just flop any which way and fall asleep.




Java was the second one to enter the family.  She was born in spring of 2012.  I decided to get her because Eddie was home alone a lot and I thought he needed a playmate.  Java and Eddie are brother and sister.  They were born to a wild cat my parents have on their yard.  She was named Java because I love coffee.  The other name I considered was Bella, but Edward and Bella, didn’t sound right.

Java is a diva and a goody-two shoes.  She rarely jumps on the counters and is over-all a nice cat.  Java has either a very snooty look or she looks very confused.  She is also very skittish, which is kind of funny because her mom’s name is Scaredy Cat (one of my parent’s wild cats).  When the doorbell rings she dives under the bed and won’t move until the person has left.   She also needs her alone time and can be aloof at times.  She’s not really cuddly, unless I’m in the bathroom and than she is super cuddly.  She also has grand plans to escape one day.  When ever I come home she is sitting in the window and than when I open the door she tries to run out.



Swimming in the Toilet

Dac has a fascination with the toilet and she loves watching when I flush the toilet.  Normally I wait til she jumps off and close the lid, other times I leave the lid open.

I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and Dac jumped onto the toilet and I heard a kerplunk and a splash.  Yup the lid was open.  I chased after her with a towel and tried to dry her off the best I could and contain my laughter.  Luckily it was only her back legs and tail that were wet.  And no she hasn’t learned to avoid the toilet, she still loves it.

The other day I went to use the toilet and she had dropped my toothpaste into the toilet.  I fished it out with the toilet brush and promptly threw it out.

Yup, Dac is an entertaining cat.

Hiding from the big bad monster: THE TOILET.
Belch, swimming in the toilet is NOT fun.
Hmmm, I wonder what I might find in this interesting contraption.

WP_20140226_075 WP_20140203_002


Edward aka Eddie aka Edward the Turd (Edward the Third) aka Edturd.   He was my first cat.  I decided to adopt him in a split second.  I didn’t put much thought into it.  He belonged to one of my parent’s wild cats and I thought she might move the kittens so I snatched him.  I wanted him so badly because he looked like a Siamese cat.  I took him at around three weeks (not recommended) and bottle feed him and was his mom.  Now that he is all grown up he is a BLACK cat (roll my eyes :)).

Eddie likes to explore and has a super long tail.  He is also a very laid back cat.  He also likes to nurse/suck.  I don’t mind it and allow it.  When my sister comes over he nurses in her armpits.    He’s far more cuddly than Java, but less than Dac.  He also needs his litter box super clean or ELSE.

IMG_3642 33

Dangerous Foods

It annoys me to no end when I see on TV or a movie giving a cat milk.  Cats and kittens can’t digest/break down lactose.  So therefore they shouldn’t be given milk.  If you find an orphan kitten that needs “milk” please give them KMR powder (

Other dangerous foods include:

  • Chocolate
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Caffeine
  • Grapes and Raisins
  • Yeast Dough
  • Alcohol
  • Avocado
  • Bones
  • Citrus
  • Fish

The list is quite extensive and is probably safe to say the safest food for cats is cat food.  I will admit I’m not an angel and do sometimes feed my cats human food.  When they sit on my lap and use their begging eyes, I relent.  I’m trying really hard, though, to only feed them their cat food in order to protect them and extend their life expectancy.

I gleaned this list through searching the internet.  If you want to know why these foods are dangerous, search the internet and many resources will pop up.

Cat Yoga Part 2

Yoga Part 2.  Again not for the faint of heart.  Try the poses at your own risk.    To see part one:

The Hang.  Lie on a bed or table and let your head hang over the side. Will relieve tension in your neck.
The Hang Pro. Feeling good with The Hang, try the Hang Pro. Lie on a bed or table and slowly slide off of the bed head first.  Make sure no is around to give you an extra push.
The Crunch. Find a comfortable lap and start doing crunches. For best effect try not to fall asleep.
The Eat My Leg Pose. Lie on your side and slowly raise your leg to your mouth.
Eat Some Flies. Lie on your stomach and raise each leg, one at a time. To get a better stretch, touch your head to your butt.
The Sphinx Mermaid. Lie on you stomach and get put your elbows on the floor.  Try to look like a mermaid and a Sphinx.
Let It All Hang. Lie on your side and let it all hang out.
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