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{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 18: Below

Everyone who has a cat knows that cats think the world revolves around them so the human is below and the cat is on top.

During the summer months I’m super busy and sort of (in my mind) neglect my cats.  I feel kind of guilty and being a crazy cat lady I promised to make up for it.  A week ago I got a cat tower and it’s their mom feels guilty, Christmas, and birthday present.  Dac is in love with the cat tower.  Eddie and Java are sometimes on it, but the amount Dac spends on it, it was well worth it.


{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 5: Earth

Mom’s head was a spinning with ideas to do with Earth (har har: spinning and earth.  I hope it isn’t spinning too fast).  When mom thinks of earth she thinks of DIRT.  It was earth day on Wednesday, April 22, hence the theme of Earth.  I’m still going with the idea of DIRT, lol.  My cats are only allowed outside on a halter and Eddie and Java hate it.  Dac loves it, but she is a bit of a monkey and being on a second floor balcony is a bit dangerous.

The baby garden at 0.33 acres. I plant veggies that need to be picked three times a week (beans and cucumbers) and early crops in this garden (beets, cabbage, and carrots). The other garden is a 3 acre pumpkin patch and 0.7 acre veggie garden.
Inside the greenhouse.
I had to include a picture of the farm dog, Stuey, enjoying the green grass.
The temp inside of the greenhouse. One time the fan broke and it went up to 50 celsius. I didn’t work in the greenhouse that day. We have two temps because we have a greenhouse inside of a greenhouse. Sounds confusing, but it is our way of saving heat. In the beginning of the season we only use 1/3 of the greenhouse.
Jenny doesn’t enjoy when earth (dirt) and water mix. Jenny is a mini horse that my parents use to give pony rides. This is a very “earthy” picture :).



{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 16: Quizzical

Quizzical is an expression.  A look of confusion and going hmmmm.  So I’m going to make my readers have very quizzical looks by doing a quiz, bwahaha.

  1. What breed is Dac?
  2. Where did I get my cats from?
  3. What does the human like doing?
  4. What is Dac’s favorite toy?
  5. How many cats do I have?
Testing the laws of gravity.


Week 13: Spring

Spring.  Hmmm, really.  It’s white and cold outside.  On Wednesday we got a spring blizzard.  My cats are strictly indoor cats so no spring pics of them, but I do have some other springy pics.

It’s suppose to be SPRING!!!!! What’s with all that white stuff on the ground???


This is more like spring!! My parent’s mini greenhouse.


Pretty eggs from my parent’s chickens. They are Americauna and Silkie eggs. They also have a Leghorn (who is suppose to lay white eggs, but has stopped), Rhode Island Red, and Columbia Plymouth Rock chickens.




http://www.thelazypitbull.com/2015/03/52-snapshots-spring/ This is a blog hop.

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 11: Travel

Travel and Cats!!!  Nope they don’t mix.  Java and Eddie actually have gone on a vacation with me, once, to the lake.  They were kittens and I couldn’t bear to spend a couple of nights without them so they came to the lake.  Dac hasn’t been so lucky as the longest trip she’s been on is six miles: farm to her furever home.

On Instagram there is a group called Daily Category.   Every once in a while the cats take pretend trips on the weekends.  So far my cats have been to the Swiss Alps, Paris, Africa, and now they are in Fiji.  It’s a lot of fun and some of the editing is amazing.  If you’re on instagran check out username: Daily_Category.

The human on the other hand loves to travel.  I’ve been to Panama, Ecuador, Germany, South Africa, and all over the US and Canada.  My next trip I want to take is to Las Vegas and then spend two nights at the Grand Canyon.    I want to eventually visit all the States and Provinces.  I haven’t done any traveling since I got my cats (life sometimes throws you some wicked curve balls) so I’m not sure how that is going to work.  My cats will stay at home, but who to look after them, that’s the question, lol.

All the States I have visited. I really need to get out to the East Coast one of these days, lol.
The Daily Category cats are in Fiji this weekend.


{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 10: Mischief

Mischief is Dac.  Dac is absolutely CRAZY.  I grew up with cats and I thought I knew cats, than she came along.  I always told myself that when Dac turned one she would mellow out.  Nope, she is a year and half and still full of piss and vinegar.  I have actually given her a middle name so when I scold her it sounds more serious (Daiquiri Gray) and her nickname is Ms. Trouble.  I love her and could not imagine life without her.

If you want to read more stories on Dac, look on the right and under the tag heading click on crazy or Dac and you’ll have tons of laughs.

Dac in boot
Umm, mother I’m stuck in the boot. I need a little help here. Pretty please.
snarly dac
I can’t help it that I’m trouble.

This is a blog hop and I’m only semi internet savvy  so check out this link for the hop hop: http://www.thelazypitbull.com/2015/03/52-snapshots-mischief/


{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 9: Purple

Lean back in your chair, take a deep breath: in and out, and think about the color purple.  What comes to mind?  When I think of purple I think of royalty and the song “One-eyed Purple People Eater”.  That would actually make a really good comedy.  A Purple people eater running around in a Palace trying to eat all the Royals.  Ok, purple and pets, my blog is about my cats so purple and cats.  Hmm.   Well I think my Java is a diva and diva’s are sorta of like royalty.

I did a photo shoot with my cats and poor Java was the one who had to wear the purple scarf.  I think I only lost a finger or two in the process because I was feeding my cats treats.  In the process I learnt I’m not a really good photographer and moving cats don’t give you good pictures.  Also the scarf is it really purple??  Kind of like that stupid debate on Friday about the blue and black vs the gold and white dress (it was blue and black).  Good and free advertising for the dress-maker.  Enjoy the photo shoot (with a purple blanket in the backgrounds, lol):

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{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 8: Mirror

This week is mirror and I counted I have 3 mirrors in my place and another bizarre fact I have no pictures up of humans in my place.  I’m a nature and animal type of person.  Also I think the last time someone took a picture of me was a year or two ago.

The closest thing to a family picture. Trying to wrangle 3 cats and a human in one picture I think is mission impossible so 2 cats and human is impressive. Also the human does not do selfies or pictures of herself :)!!


Note: I am looking at other people’s blogs on this blog hop.  A lot of blogs don’t have a like button so I can’t show my “like” for your post.  Also I have found that some sites I can’t comment.  I have tried and after 2 tries I gave up.  So I will be a ghost and float around and read blogs.  Sorry I can’t show my appreciation and “like” of your posts.