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Breaking News: VID

Huh?  What?  VID, what is that?  I’ve hear of VIP: very important people/person, but VID.  VID is very important dates.  The human has issues remember things and writing things down on a paper is easy, but the paper can get lost.  So the VID’s are going on the blog.


  • Blog started March 3 2014
  • Instagram started April 24 2014


  • Eddie and Java May 1 2012
  • Dac Sept. 1 2013
  • Human August 23

Adoption Dates

  • Eddie  May 22 2012
  • Java    June  11 2012
  • Dac Oct. 28 2013

Now I do have a confession to make I don’t know when my cats were born or adopted.  Told you I had a very bad memory, lol.  I do know what month and year they were born and adopted so I just picked a date that seemed rational.  Eddie I got at around 3 weeks and Java joined 3 weeks later.  Dac I got in Oct., but I can’t remember if I got her before my parent’s Agritourism business closed for the season or the weekend before.  Oh, well I have dates now and I’ll just go with that, lol.

Watching mother’s marble roll down the hallway.



Happy One Year Anniversary!!!!

I’ve been blogging for a year now.  While, to be totally honest, I guess its been more like six-months.  With all my laptop issues and my summers being crazy (a 4 acre garden/pumpkin patch and canning 1000 jars) posting posts has been hard.  But my new year’s resolution is to post every Mon-Wed-Fri so……………

Happy One Year Anniversary to Me!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite photo of Dac and me.
My favorite photo of Dac and me.