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Blue Cat, Black Cat, Pink Cat, Everywhere a Cat.

I grew up with the belief that almost all orange cats were males and all calico and tortie cats were female.  While this is not the case, 80 % of orange cats are male and less than 1 % of calico’s and torties are males.

Here’s how it works. To have black and orange in the same cat, the cat needs two X chromosomes. Two X chromosomes mean the cat will be female. Male cats need a Y chromosome and are XY.

Occasionally a mutation will arise during embryonic development and a kitten will be born with an extra chromosome: XXY. The two Xs allow for the cat to be black and orange. The Y makes it a male. This is how you get a tortoiseshell or a calico male cat.

Tortoiseshell and calico male cats are uncommon (one out of 3000 are male).


For more information please check on various colors of cats and what official colors are called:





Selfies and Cats Part 2

I take a  gazzilon pictures of my poor cats.  I’m thinking my cats wish my phone and camera would magically disappear, lol.

Eddie’s Looking for a Date!!

All righty lady cats, I’m looking for a date for Feb. 14.  My human Aunty said she would build me a wagon to take my lady friend for a ride.  My human Grandparents have a gorgeous 10 acre property in the country.  Later on we’ll have some Tunianis, Salmon, and Catnip Mousse.  I tried getting a lady on Instagram and I got no bites.  I wonder if there is a match making service for cats??

Merry Ukrainian Christmas!

Enjoy this gallery/slide show I put together of my cats enjoying the traditional Christmas on Dec. 25, 2014.  They are in random order (sorry, not entirely sure how to put them in the correct order :)).  My cats had 3 Christmas’s: they celebrated with my sister and got a reindeer hat from her and they got their Christmas feast, on Dec. 25 they opened their Secret Santa Claws 2014 from the Cat Instagram community, and they got presents from my family on Dec. 26.  I think my cats celebrated more than I did, lol.

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I’m back!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!!  Everything is a mess on here, lol.  Time to fix everything and start regularly blogging.  Not having a computer for 7 months, canning over 1000 jars in 3 months, tending a 1 acre market garden, and 3 acre pumpkin patch makes life a little furry.  But I’m back……

So if you need a cat fix check out my cat account on instagram: paws4moment or if you like to see what I do in summer check out lorastreasures.com