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18 Struggles Only A Cat Owner Understands

I need to write something/blog something.  Quick, think…………  Ah here’s an article I can write on:


#1.  Yup Dac did this to me.  I actually went outside to see if she escaped, even though it was physically impossible for her to go outside.

#5.  I have just accepted the fact I had “sand” on my floors.  I really need to buy a mini or a handheld vacuum cleaner to quickly sweep up the “sand”.

17.  I have given up having plants in the house.  Plants and cats don’t mix.

18.  Yup, good thing Dac is a cutie.

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{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 16: Quizzical

Quizzical is an expression.  A look of confusion and going hmmmm.  So I’m going to make my readers have very quizzical looks by doing a quiz, bwahaha.

  1. What breed is Dac?
  2. Where did I get my cats from?
  3. What does the human like doing?
  4. What is Dac’s favorite toy?
  5. How many cats do I have?
Testing the laws of gravity.


Why I write the way I write!

Have you ever looked at your blog posts and wondered what influenced your writing style?  My high school English teacher and dad would be horrified that I’m writing a blog.  I liked English, but not the grammar part.  I really couldn’t care less about verbs, nouns, semicolons, etc.  Now I love to read and read a ton.

I do notice my sentences are quite choppy and short.  I think that’s how I think.  I’m always thinking and inventing new things in my head and I sometimes can’t keep up writing what I’m thinking.  I try to make my sentences longer, but most times I’m like oh well that’s the way I write.

I have a Bachelor degree so that means 4 years of university.  I had to write a lot of papers/essays and always had to find research articles.  The motto was “for every fact you state you need 5 articles that back up your fact”.  That’s why I include a lot of links, I’m backing up my facts and I love to read.  Maybe there’s others out there who also love reading and learning new things.

Yup, that’s what influences my writing.  In short: I don’t like grammar, I love to read, and I feel the need to back up my facts.

Me, the human, with my other fur babies. Chloe, my pygmy goat, had triplets March 27.


Breaking News: VID

Huh?  What?  VID, what is that?  I’ve hear of VIP: very important people/person, but VID.  VID is very important dates.  The human has issues remember things and writing things down on a paper is easy, but the paper can get lost.  So the VID’s are going on the blog.


  • Blog started March 3 2014
  • Instagram started April 24 2014


  • Eddie and Java May 1 2012
  • Dac Sept. 1 2013
  • Human August 23

Adoption Dates

  • Eddie  May 22 2012
  • Java    June  11 2012
  • Dac Oct. 28 2013

Now I do have a confession to make I don’t know when my cats were born or adopted.  Told you I had a very bad memory, lol.  I do know what month and year they were born and adopted so I just picked a date that seemed rational.  Eddie I got at around 3 weeks and Java joined 3 weeks later.  Dac I got in Oct., but I can’t remember if I got her before my parent’s Agritourism business closed for the season or the weekend before.  Oh, well I have dates now and I’ll just go with that, lol.

Watching mother’s marble roll down the hallway.


Tweet, Follow, Like, ARGH!!!!!!!

If someone who had been in a coma in 1980  woke up today they would be thoroughly lost in our world.  People are tweeting, liking, snapping, blogging, yada yada……..  It’s so confusing and can be overwhelming.  I would recommend that a person blog (if they have one), use facebook, and instagram.  If you’re low on time I would suggest just blogging and using instagram.

Personally I’m all over the board.  I do the social media for my parents seasonal business, my hobby, and paws4moment.  That equates to:

  • 4 Facebook pages
  • 2 Tumblr pages
  • 4 blogs (2 active and 2 inactive)
  • 2 instagram accounts
  • 2 Google Plus accounts

I don’t tweet, nor will I ever tweet.  I don’t understand Twitter and  I don’t care to understand Twitter, lol.  I find Google Plus to be pointless so I have abandoned my two accounts.  I use Tumblr passively, in that my blog posts and instagram posts get automatically get posted on the site.  Other than that I don’t do anything on Tumblr.  There are a ton of social media sites out there and here is a link if your interested in seeing how many there are: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_social_networking_websites

Personally I love instagram and am always checking instagram.  I also like my blog.  I have thought of starting a facebook page for paws4moment, but that would be too much.

Whoa!!! I better lay off the catnip.
Whoa!!! People must have too much time on their hands.

My Sputtering Blog

Looking through my stats I have to admit I don’t have a very popular blog, lol.  I would like if people would look around my blog, but at the same time my blog is a diary of my cat’s lives.

My depressing stats (in a sarcastic voice):

  • I get an average of 4 likes per post.
  • I usually get 1 or 2 comments per post.
  • In Jan. I had 224 views and 118 visitors.
  • In 2014 total comments were 34 and I got 125 likes.

My cats and I are friendly people and like to interact with people.  I post every Mon, Wed, and Fri. and I try to look at other people’s blogs at this time.

When Dac is asleep, I love her.
When Dac is asleep, I love her.

Happy One Year Anniversary!!!!

I’ve been blogging for a year now.  While, to be totally honest, I guess its been more like six-months.  With all my laptop issues and my summers being crazy (a 4 acre garden/pumpkin patch and canning 1000 jars) posting posts has been hard.  But my new year’s resolution is to post every Mon-Wed-Fri so……………

Happy One Year Anniversary to Me!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite photo of Dac and me.
My favorite photo of Dac and me.

1,000,000 Pictures of my Cats.

I’m not sure how many pictures I have of my cats, but it is in the thousands, if not tens of thousands.  I usually take 10 pictures of the same pose and than never delete the bad ones.    Going through my pictures I have double the pictures of Dac, compared to Eddie and Java.  I have very few pictures of Java as she is my shy diva.

At a family gathering someone asked “So did you get some nice pictures of everyone?”.  I smiled and said “No.  I only take pictures of animals and scenary”.  The person said “Aren’t some humans animals?”.  Hmmm, got to ponder that one.

Every once in a while I go through my pictures and try to sort them.  It’s not an easy task and takes a while, but I love looking at pictures of my cats.  I hope you enjoy the pictures I post of my cats.

Simple math: an average of 10 pics a day times 365 days of the year equals 3650 times 3 (how old my kitties are) equals 10, 950 pictures.  Yeah, I’m a tad crazy, lol.

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 8: Mirror

This week is mirror and I counted I have 3 mirrors in my place and another bizarre fact I have no pictures up of humans in my place.  I’m a nature and animal type of person.  Also I think the last time someone took a picture of me was a year or two ago.

The closest thing to a family picture. Trying to wrangle 3 cats and a human in one picture I think is mission impossible so 2 cats and human is impressive. Also the human does not do selfies or pictures of herself :)!!


Note: I am looking at other people’s blogs on this blog hop.  A lot of blogs don’t have a like button so I can’t show my “like” for your post.  Also I have found that some sites I can’t comment.  I have tried and after 2 tries I gave up.  So I will be a ghost and float around and read blogs.  Sorry I can’t show my appreciation and “like” of your posts.


I’m back!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!!  Everything is a mess on here, lol.  Time to fix everything and start regularly blogging.  Not having a computer for 7 months, canning over 1000 jars in 3 months, tending a 1 acre market garden, and 3 acre pumpkin patch makes life a little furry.  But I’m back……

So if you need a cat fix check out my cat account on instagram: paws4moment or if you like to see what I do in summer check out lorastreasures.com