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Eddie’s Looking for a Date!!

All righty lady cats, I’m looking for a date for Feb. 14.  My human Aunty said she would build me a wagon to take my lady friend for a ride.  My human Grandparents have a gorgeous 10 acre property in the country.  Later on we’ll have some Tunianis, Salmon, and Catnip Mousse.  I tried getting a lady on Instagram and I got no bites.  I wonder if there is a match making service for cats??


Wiggle, wiggle. I can’t get comfy. I guess I’m just a wiggle bum.

Lying in one spot is so hard to do (these pictures were taken all within 2 hours of each other):

Ok, let’s pose nicely and than maybe mom will put down the camera.
Dac; ‘I need to build up some abs’. Eddie; “Not going to work Dac.’
Mom’s not putting the camera away so let’s fight than.
Thanks for the chin rest Dac.

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