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Eddie’s Looking for a Date!!

All righty lady cats, I’m looking for a date for Feb. 14.  My human Aunty said she would build me a wagon to take my lady friend for a ride.  My human Grandparents have a gorgeous 10 acre property in the country.  Later on we’ll have some Tunianis, Salmon, and Catnip Mousse.  I tried getting a lady on Instagram and I got no bites.  I wonder if there is a match making service for cats??


No T.V. for you tonight!!

Why watch T.V.??  Cats are so much more entertaining.


“I’m a big black statue, so much more handsome than anything else you will see on T.V.” says Eddie.
“Yup, watching me contort my body and clean myself is so much more interesting than T.V.” says Java.

Wiggle, wiggle. I can’t get comfy. I guess I’m just a wiggle bum.

Lying in one spot is so hard to do (these pictures were taken all within 2 hours of each other):

Ok, let’s pose nicely and than maybe mom will put down the camera.
Dac; ‘I need to build up some abs’. Eddie; “Not going to work Dac.’
Mom’s not putting the camera away so let’s fight than.
Thanks for the chin rest Dac.

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