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Wordless Wednesday: Love

My heart melts when I see this picture.



10 Signs You Are A Crazy Cat Person (And Proud Of It!)

10 Signs You Are A Crazy Cat Person (And Proud Of It!) | The Animal Rescue Site     

10. It’s an unwritten rule that if a cat is sleeping in your lap, you don’t move. The bathroom will just have to wait.    

9. Best part of any delivery? Knowing that your cat just found a new favorite toy – the box!    

8. Your phone is FULL of cat pictures, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.      

7. You rely on the sound of purring, rather than a sound machine, to get a good night’s sleep.      

6. You know there is no such thing as “private time”. Bathroom, shower, nap, it doesn’t matter – they will find you. You rarely close doors because it’s just a waste of time.     

5. You have actual conversations with your cat, because you are sure they understand you. (Because they do!)

Hey there, how was your day?” “Meow” “Oh, really? What was your favorite part?” “Meowwwww” “How interesting!”

4. You know firsthand the struggle that is working from home (or using the computer in general) when you have cats.

3.  Your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds are all filled with photos of your cat. Bonus points if your profile picture is of your cat!

     2.  Black (or white) clothing is no longer a functional part of your wardrobe because of the amount of cat hair that sticks to it.

1. You are still amazed at how your cat knows EXACTLY what you need when you are upset, stressed, or mad. A cat cuddle has the magical power to change everything.

Found this list on facebook, which led me to a cat blog.  I copied the list onto my blog because that blog is a case of how NOT to do a blog.  Too cluttered and ugly in my opinion :).

Am I Meowdley Enough??

My cats are going to be models in a calendar.  I’m horrible at picking the best pic so here are 6 that I have decided are the best.  The calendar is a desk top tear away a day type calendar.  Comment which pic is best :).

1. Sleeping beauties.
2. The Wild Child
3. Is that a mouse on the floor? Who’s going to get it??
4. The family intervention. Mother’s gone crazy and we need to help her.
5. That really is a mouse on the floor. Eddie “Nom nom, food is more important than mice”. (I live on a second floor so no mice possible or I hope :{..)
6. A typical day and my “normal” family.


{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 11: Travel

Travel and Cats!!!  Nope they don’t mix.  Java and Eddie actually have gone on a vacation with me, once, to the lake.  They were kittens and I couldn’t bear to spend a couple of nights without them so they came to the lake.  Dac hasn’t been so lucky as the longest trip she’s been on is six miles: farm to her furever home.

On Instagram there is a group called Daily Category.   Every once in a while the cats take pretend trips on the weekends.  So far my cats have been to the Swiss Alps, Paris, Africa, and now they are in Fiji.  It’s a lot of fun and some of the editing is amazing.  If you’re on instagran check out username: Daily_Category.

The human on the other hand loves to travel.  I’ve been to Panama, Ecuador, Germany, South Africa, and all over the US and Canada.  My next trip I want to take is to Las Vegas and then spend two nights at the Grand Canyon.    I want to eventually visit all the States and Provinces.  I haven’t done any traveling since I got my cats (life sometimes throws you some wicked curve balls) so I’m not sure how that is going to work.  My cats will stay at home, but who to look after them, that’s the question, lol.

All the States I have visited. I really need to get out to the East Coast one of these days, lol.
The Daily Category cats are in Fiji this weekend.


{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 10: Mischief

Mischief is Dac.  Dac is absolutely CRAZY.  I grew up with cats and I thought I knew cats, than she came along.  I always told myself that when Dac turned one she would mellow out.  Nope, she is a year and half and still full of piss and vinegar.  I have actually given her a middle name so when I scold her it sounds more serious (Daiquiri Gray) and her nickname is Ms. Trouble.  I love her and could not imagine life without her.

If you want to read more stories on Dac, look on the right and under the tag heading click on crazy or Dac and you’ll have tons of laughs.

Dac in boot
Umm, mother I’m stuck in the boot. I need a little help here. Pretty please.
snarly dac
I can’t help it that I’m trouble.

This is a blog hop and I’m only semi internet savvy  so check out this link for the hop hop: http://www.thelazypitbull.com/2015/03/52-snapshots-mischief/


Happy One Year Anniversary!!!!

I’ve been blogging for a year now.  While, to be totally honest, I guess its been more like six-months.  With all my laptop issues and my summers being crazy (a 4 acre garden/pumpkin patch and canning 1000 jars) posting posts has been hard.  But my new year’s resolution is to post every Mon-Wed-Fri so……………

Happy One Year Anniversary to Me!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite photo of Dac and me.
My favorite photo of Dac and me.

1,000,000 Pictures of my Cats.

I’m not sure how many pictures I have of my cats, but it is in the thousands, if not tens of thousands.  I usually take 10 pictures of the same pose and than never delete the bad ones.    Going through my pictures I have double the pictures of Dac, compared to Eddie and Java.  I have very few pictures of Java as she is my shy diva.

At a family gathering someone asked “So did you get some nice pictures of everyone?”.  I smiled and said “No.  I only take pictures of animals and scenary”.  The person said “Aren’t some humans animals?”.  Hmmm, got to ponder that one.

Every once in a while I go through my pictures and try to sort them.  It’s not an easy task and takes a while, but I love looking at pictures of my cats.  I hope you enjoy the pictures I post of my cats.

Simple math: an average of 10 pics a day times 365 days of the year equals 3650 times 3 (how old my kitties are) equals 10, 950 pictures.  Yeah, I’m a tad crazy, lol.

Head, Ears, nose, and eyes, nose and eyes.

When I got Dac I noticed her eyes were constantly running.  When I took her to the vet, he said he really couldn’t do anything for her.  The tube between her eyes and nose are plugged on both sides so instead of fluid draining into her noise it drains out of her eyes.  He said he could do surgery, but it may not work or the tubes could close up again.  He said the draining out of her eyes wouldn’t affect her health so I just let it be.  I will occasionally clean her eyes, but usually I just let her be.  I have noticed she occasionally cleans her eyes so that makes me happy.

Cat use their ears to balance (humans also use their ears to help them balance).  Their tail also helps them balance, but is not essential for balancing.  Dac has just a stub of a tail and can balance exceptionally well.  If you do ever get an outdoor cat, make sure the vet checks for ear mites.  Dac’s ears were filled with ear mites and after she got medicine they were gone.  Dac’s ears are now clean and ear mite free.  Ear mites are extremely contagious so it is important to check outdoor cats regularly.

There you go: head, ears, nose, and eyes, nose and eyes.