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Wordless Wednesday: Wacky!!

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Growing cats in the greenhouse.

Allen is one of my parents farm cats and is spoiled.  He is the only one allowed into the greenhouse and he loves it in there.  He rarely lies on plants or destroys stuff.  I occasionally find him rolling in the catnip or sleeping on the onion plants.  He than gets a shot of water and I pick a few catnip leaves for him and carry him to a more appropriate place to lie and roll in catnip.

Lumpys Pics 003
Sleeping in water. Can’t be too comfy, but he didn’t seem to mind. He was dripping wet when he finally decided to find a much better place to lie down.
Lumpys Pics 002
This tray is usually full of water and we use it to water the plants that we just seeded or coming up. Allen decided it was warm and plunked himself in.
Lumpys Pics 053
The onion plants that Allen loves lying on. My parents have a mini greenhouse inside the larger greenhouse to save on heating costs.  The greenhouse is 20 feet wide by 80 feet long.  We grow tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse.  We also have a 5 acre market garden.