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Wordless Wednesday: Cuteness Overload


A cute farm kitten.
A pile of 5 fur balls.



Wordless Wednesday: Gardening

This makes mom happy ūüôā and a happy mom means no STRESS!!

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 5: Earth

Mom’s head was a spinning with ideas to do with Earth (har har: spinning and earth. ¬†I hope it isn’t spinning too fast). ¬†When mom thinks of earth she thinks of DIRT. ¬†It was earth day on Wednesday, April 22, hence the theme of Earth. ¬†I’m still going with the idea of DIRT, lol. ¬†My cats are only allowed outside on a halter and Eddie and Java hate it. ¬†Dac loves it, but she is a bit of a monkey and being on a second floor balcony is a bit dangerous.

The baby garden at 0.33 acres. I plant veggies that need to be picked three times a week (beans and cucumbers) and early crops in this garden (beets, cabbage, and carrots). The other garden is a 3 acre pumpkin patch and 0.7 acre veggie garden.
Inside the greenhouse.
I had to include a picture of the farm dog, Stuey, enjoying the green grass.
The temp inside of the greenhouse. One time the fan broke and it went up to 50 celsius. I didn’t work in the greenhouse that day. We have two temps because we have a greenhouse inside of a greenhouse. Sounds confusing, but it is our way of saving heat. In the beginning of the season we only use 1/3 of the greenhouse.
Jenny doesn’t enjoy when earth (dirt) and water mix. Jenny is a mini horse that my parents use to give pony rides. This is a very “earthy” picture :).



Blue Cat, Black Cat, Pink Cat, Everywhere a Cat.

I grew up with the belief that almost all orange cats were males and all calico and tortie cats were female. ¬†While this is not the case, 80 % of orange cats are male and less than 1 % of calico’s and torties are males.

Here’s how it works. To have black and orange in the same cat, the cat needs two X chromosomes. Two X chromosomes mean the cat will be female. Male cats need a Y chromosome and are XY.

Occasionally a mutation will arise during embryonic development and a kitten will be born with an extra chromosome: XXY. The two Xs allow for the cat to be black and orange. The Y makes it a male. This is how you get a tortoiseshell or a calico male cat.

Tortoiseshell and calico male cats are uncommon (one out of 3000 are male).


For more information please check on various colors of cats and what official colors are called:




Overpopulation of Cats and Bunnies

I have been thinking about the cat population lately and lo and behold my news program had an article on feral cats:


There is a program in Winnipeg that¬†traps adult cats for TNR (trap, neuter, return), which I think is an excellent idea to reduce the feral cat population (http://www.craigstcats.ca/colony-manager-program.html). ¬†I also think farms need to re-think their views on cats. ¬†My parents do not want to fix their female cats because than they won’t catch mice. ¬†This is an area I need to do more research on. Is it only female cats, that are intact, that catch mice? ¬† Farms don’t want mice, but at the same time don’t want 100 cats roaming around.

This is the problem with cats and I threw in bunnies also to show that cats aren’t the only overpopulated animal on this earth:

cat overpopulation




An indoor cat can live to approx. 17 years of age.  Outdoor cats live to be 2-5 years, but my parents farm they get to be around 7-10 years.

Female cats usually have been 4 to 6 kittens per litter and most female cats have two to 3 litters of kittens a year.

A female cat can get pregnant at approx 6 to 9 months old and the pregnancy is 58 to 65 days.

16 years of age X 5 (times 2 litters) = 160 kittens in a female cat’s life (considering everything goes perfectly and the cat is in good health).

Are you scared yet, lol?? ¬†Now you know why it’s so important to fix animals.


Anti-vet?? ¬†This is a question I often mull around in my head. ¬†I have concluded I’m half and half, let me explain.

I grew up in the country and often visited my Uncle’s farm. ¬†I was taught that animals were not “permanent” and could be replaced. ¬†If an animal was sick it was put down and we got a different animal. ¬†Also our dogs got run over a lot, for some reason. ¬†We tried to train them to stick around the yard, but it never seemed to work. ¬†I was attached to the animals I grew up, but not too attached.

My mullings on being anti-vet have started when I joined Instagram. ¬†I often see people pleading for money to help a stray animal or help with a large vet bill. ¬†This is where it gets a little grey. ¬†I am totally for people helping animals, but don’t understand pumping thousands of dollars into an animal. ¬†I have often thought what I would do if my cats got sick and it would cost hundreds, if not thousands to get them well. ¬†I think, because of the way I was brought up, I would put them down. ¬†I love my cats dearly and each is unique in their own way, but I’m not rich so I would never be able to afford a massive bill and I don’t feel right pleading with people for money.

I’m all for animals getting fixed and strongly encourage people to fix their cats and dogs. ¬†We have far too many dogs and cats in this world and we don’t need to keep adding to the overpopulation. ¬†I also believe in vaccinating animals, but haven’t done enough research into it to really give an opinion on it.

My other thought is instead of pumping hundreds or thousands of money into one animal, why not donate that type of cash to a no-kill animal shelter? ¬†Instead of saving one animal, you could be saving several if not more. ¬†I totally get that some people view their animals as their children and would do anything for their children. ¬†And your money is your money and you can spend it as you see fit :). ¬†My cats are my fur children and I love them dearly, but I can’t justify putting tons of money into getting them well if they would fall sick.

Also I grew up frugal and know that money doesn’t grow on trees. ¬†I also went for a period of living on no money for 7 months and never want to do that again so any leftover money I have goes into a savings account. ¬†My other thought is if I were ever to get a $1000 vet bill, it would take over 10 months to pay it back. ¬†Ouch!!! ¬†What are your thoughts on paying hundreds or thousands of dollars on vet bills for animals?

Allen and I.
Allen and I.

Life with a Cat

My worst fear is one day having no cats living with me. ¬†My family doesn’t understand why I have three cats and are against me getting a fourth one. ¬†Good thing I live alone and rarely have company over so I can add cats without people knowing. ¬†Now I’m not crazy and attempting to try to¬†break records, like where someone had 125 cats. ¬†I have nosy neighbors who keep tabs on how many cats I have, lol. ¬†They walk past by my window and see my three cats looking out the window and when I added Dac my neighbors all inquired about her (not having a normal tail makes you kind of odd). ¬†I’m thinking 4 or 5 cats would be a nice number. ¬†I didn’t get a new kitten in 2014 because Dac is CRAZY and a handful. ¬†There was one kitten, this year on the farm, who I really wanted, but resisted taking home. ¬†In 2015 we’ll see what happens. ¬†I always get my kittens from the farm and I don’t go to cat shelters because I would want to take everyone of them home.


A Gallery of Kids and Cats.

Coda the farm cat

This is one of my parents farm¬†cats. ¬†She was dumped in the country and wandered onto my parent’s yard. ¬†I first thought she was de-clawed, but her nails were just cut really short. ¬†She is a gorgeous cat and the people who dumped her are idiots. ¬†I was trying to name her Kautje (Cute Ya), which is Low German for kitten. ¬†Everyone though I was calling her: Kota (Co-ta) ¬†which means male cat in Low German. ¬†She is very much a female so they thought I was crazy giving her a name which meant male cat. ¬†So I decided to just give her the English name Coda.

Seriously Lorissa, how many more pictures do you need of me??

IMG_4160 IMG_4163 

Dumping cats and talking cats

This is Allen, one of my parent’s farm cats.

Ohhhh, this is the life, spoiled rotten.

He either wandered onto their yard or he was dumped. ¬†I’m amazed at how many people dump their cats in the country. ¬†It’s so sad seeing these abandoned cats and it’s not a good idea to dump cats in the country. ¬†The dog my parent’s has knows which cat belongs on the yard and which doesn’t. ¬†He usually runs strays off the yard. ¬†Also some farms only want a certain amount of cats and will have to kill kittens/cats once they go over the amount. ¬†Also farm cats can have a rough life (lots of fighting and sickness) and have a life span of 5 years (whereas indoors have a lifespan of around 15 years). ¬†In our area there is no animal shelter so people have no place to take their unwanted pets. ¬†My parent’s spend over $100 (which is way way more than what they want to spend) a month on cat food and don’t want no more cats so I hope no more will be dumped on their yard.

We know Allen¬†use to be an indoor cat because he was well taken care of and is fixed. ¬†He is a spoiled rotten cat and is well taken care of at my parent’s place. ¬†Allen is one big tomcat and loves to TALK. ¬†I always thought I would love a talking cat, but after being around Allen I don’t want a cat that talks. ¬†You can have a nice conversation with Allen, but after a while you wish for peace and quiet. ¬†Whenever you walk into the barn, Allen makes his presence known and if you respond to his meowing he gets louder. ¬†Luckly my three cats are for the most part quiet and if they start meowing non-stop, they get to go for a walk outside (they hate being outside) and that quiets them down.

This link lists the 9 most talkative breeds of cats:¬†¬†http://www.vetstreet.com/cats/meet-9-chatty-cat-breed¬† So before you get a very chatty cat make sure it is something that you can handle. ¬†I get stressed when my cats start meowing non-stop because I know what they want (FOOD) and they won’t get it because I don’t want obese cats. ¬†I am sensitive to sounds so non-stop meowing would make me go batty.



Meow, meow.  Pet me please.  Like as in now.  Pet me NOW.
Meow, meow. Pet me please. Like as in now. Pet me NOW.