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Cat Yoga Part 2

Yoga Part 2.  Again not for the faint of heart.  Try the poses at your own risk.    To see part one: https://paws4moment.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/693/

The Hang.  Lie on a bed or table and let your head hang over the side. Will relieve tension in your neck.
The Hang Pro. Feeling good with The Hang, try the Hang Pro. Lie on a bed or table and slowly slide off of the bed head first.  Make sure no is around to give you an extra push.
The Crunch. Find a comfortable lap and start doing crunches. For best effect try not to fall asleep.
The Eat My Leg Pose. Lie on your side and slowly raise your leg to your mouth.
Eat Some Flies. Lie on your stomach and raise each leg, one at a time. To get a better stretch, touch your head to your butt.
The Sphinx Mermaid. Lie on you stomach and get put your elbows on the floor.  Try to look like a mermaid and a Sphinx.
Let It All Hang. Lie on your side and let it all hang out.

Welcome to Unipurrsity

Hello my name is Purrfesor Daiquiri Gray Trouble.

I will be teaching you the course ” Living life to the fullest like their is no tomorrow”.

In this course you will learn how to maximise the use of your nine lives.  We are the only species with nine lives so let’s make sure we use them up wisely and have as much fun as we can cram in.

Class will be held on Tuesday and Thursday.  It will start at 1 pm with a 15 minute cat nap at 1:30 pm and end at 2:30 pm so you can squeeze in another cat nap at home before supper time.

Course work:

  • Obtain decibel rating of your human when you are either swinging from the chandelier or re-arranging the blinds.
  • Learn what swear words your human likes uttering so you know when you are really living life to the max.
  • Learn cat yoga so when you’re enjoying life your humans stress won’t affect you

PicsArt_2015-04-07 12_39_00 AM

10 Signs You Are A Crazy Cat Person (And Proud Of It!)

10 Signs You Are A Crazy Cat Person (And Proud Of It!) | The Animal Rescue Site     

10. It’s an unwritten rule that if a cat is sleeping in your lap, you don’t move. The bathroom will just have to wait.    

9. Best part of any delivery? Knowing that your cat just found a new favorite toy – the box!    

8. Your phone is FULL of cat pictures, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.      

7. You rely on the sound of purring, rather than a sound machine, to get a good night’s sleep.      

6. You know there is no such thing as “private time”. Bathroom, shower, nap, it doesn’t matter – they will find you. You rarely close doors because it’s just a waste of time.     

5. You have actual conversations with your cat, because you are sure they understand you. (Because they do!)

Hey there, how was your day?” “Meow” “Oh, really? What was your favorite part?” “Meowwwww” “How interesting!”

4. You know firsthand the struggle that is working from home (or using the computer in general) when you have cats.

3.  Your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds are all filled with photos of your cat. Bonus points if your profile picture is of your cat!

     2.  Black (or white) clothing is no longer a functional part of your wardrobe because of the amount of cat hair that sticks to it.

1. You are still amazed at how your cat knows EXACTLY what you need when you are upset, stressed, or mad. A cat cuddle has the magical power to change everything.

Found this list on facebook, which led me to a cat blog.  I copied the list onto my blog because that blog is a case of how NOT to do a blog.  Too cluttered and ugly in my opinion :).

Jumping on the Bladder.

I’m still trying to figure out what is worse having a 14.5 lb or so cat jumping on your full bladder or jingle balls.  I’m leaning towards the bladder.  I’m sure my neighbors are wondering why they often hear their neighbor scream “My bladder” (my walls are paper thin).  Also Eddie tends to jump on my bladder first thing in the morning.  Oh the pain.



Jingle Balls, Batman Smells.

Ok, I’ll admit that is the only line I know from that song and I don’t even know where I heard it.  I googled it and hear is a link to the whole song: http://www.cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/wilson-steven/jingle-bells-batman-smells-37149.html

Why did this song pop in my head?? Because of blasted Dac, my lovable, $#%^#@$ manx cat.  I love her dearly, but sometimes her antics make my hair gray pre-maturely.   I was in a peaceful sleep and I hear jingling.  I look up and Dac has a jingle ball in her cat bed.  I pick it up and hurl it out of bed and attempt to go back to sleep.  I hear jingling again.  The blasted cat knows how to play fetch.  I confiscated the ball and hoped she wouldn’t find the other 15 jingle balls in the house and hope for a peaceful, non-jingling sleep.


{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 10: Mischief

Mischief is Dac.  Dac is absolutely CRAZY.  I grew up with cats and I thought I knew cats, than she came along.  I always told myself that when Dac turned one she would mellow out.  Nope, she is a year and half and still full of piss and vinegar.  I have actually given her a middle name so when I scold her it sounds more serious (Daiquiri Gray) and her nickname is Ms. Trouble.  I love her and could not imagine life without her.

If you want to read more stories on Dac, look on the right and under the tag heading click on crazy or Dac and you’ll have tons of laughs.

Dac in boot
Umm, mother I’m stuck in the boot. I need a little help here. Pretty please.
snarly dac
I can’t help it that I’m trouble.

This is a blog hop and I’m only semi internet savvy  so check out this link for the hop hop: http://www.thelazypitbull.com/2015/03/52-snapshots-mischief/


My Sputtering Blog

Looking through my stats I have to admit I don’t have a very popular blog, lol.  I would like if people would look around my blog, but at the same time my blog is a diary of my cat’s lives.

My depressing stats (in a sarcastic voice):

  • I get an average of 4 likes per post.
  • I usually get 1 or 2 comments per post.
  • In Jan. I had 224 views and 118 visitors.
  • In 2014 total comments were 34 and I got 125 likes.

My cats and I are friendly people and like to interact with people.  I post every Mon, Wed, and Fri. and I try to look at other people’s blogs at this time.

When Dac is asleep, I love her.
When Dac is asleep, I love her.

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 9: Purple

Lean back in your chair, take a deep breath: in and out, and think about the color purple.  What comes to mind?  When I think of purple I think of royalty and the song “One-eyed Purple People Eater”.  That would actually make a really good comedy.  A Purple people eater running around in a Palace trying to eat all the Royals.  Ok, purple and pets, my blog is about my cats so purple and cats.  Hmm.   Well I think my Java is a diva and diva’s are sorta of like royalty.

I did a photo shoot with my cats and poor Java was the one who had to wear the purple scarf.  I think I only lost a finger or two in the process because I was feeding my cats treats.  In the process I learnt I’m not a really good photographer and moving cats don’t give you good pictures.  Also the scarf is it really purple??  Kind of like that stupid debate on Friday about the blue and black vs the gold and white dress (it was blue and black).  Good and free advertising for the dress-maker.  Enjoy the photo shoot (with a purple blanket in the backgrounds, lol):

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1,000,000 Pictures of my Cats.

I’m not sure how many pictures I have of my cats, but it is in the thousands, if not tens of thousands.  I usually take 10 pictures of the same pose and than never delete the bad ones.    Going through my pictures I have double the pictures of Dac, compared to Eddie and Java.  I have very few pictures of Java as she is my shy diva.

At a family gathering someone asked “So did you get some nice pictures of everyone?”.  I smiled and said “No.  I only take pictures of animals and scenary”.  The person said “Aren’t some humans animals?”.  Hmmm, got to ponder that one.

Every once in a while I go through my pictures and try to sort them.  It’s not an easy task and takes a while, but I love looking at pictures of my cats.  I hope you enjoy the pictures I post of my cats.

Simple math: an average of 10 pics a day times 365 days of the year equals 3650 times 3 (how old my kitties are) equals 10, 950 pictures.  Yeah, I’m a tad crazy, lol.