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Welcome to Unipurrsity

Hello my name is Purrfesor Daiquiri Gray Trouble.

I will be teaching you the course ” Living life to the fullest like their is no tomorrow”.

In this course you will learn how to maximise the use of your nine lives.  We are the only species with nine lives so let’s make sure we use them up wisely and have as much fun as we can cram in.

Class will be held on Tuesday and Thursday.  It will start at 1 pm with a 15 minute cat nap at 1:30 pm and end at 2:30 pm so you can squeeze in another cat nap at home before supper time.

Course work:

  • Obtain decibel rating of your human when you are either swinging from the chandelier or re-arranging the blinds.
  • Learn what swear words your human likes uttering so you know when you are really living life to the max.
  • Learn cat yoga so when you’re enjoying life your humans stress won’t affect you

PicsArt_2015-04-07 12_39_00 AM


{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 18: Below

Everyone who has a cat knows that cats think the world revolves around them so the human is below and the cat is on top.

During the summer months I’m super busy and sort of (in my mind) neglect my cats.  I feel kind of guilty and being a crazy cat lady I promised to make up for it.  A week ago I got a cat tower and it’s their mom feels guilty, Christmas, and birthday present.  Dac is in love with the cat tower.  Eddie and Java are sometimes on it, but the amount Dac spends on it, it was well worth it.

{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 10: Mischief

Mischief is Dac.  Dac is absolutely CRAZY.  I grew up with cats and I thought I knew cats, than she came along.  I always told myself that when Dac turned one she would mellow out.  Nope, she is a year and half and still full of piss and vinegar.  I have actually given her a middle name so when I scold her it sounds more serious (Daiquiri Gray) and her nickname is Ms. Trouble.  I love her and could not imagine life without her.

If you want to read more stories on Dac, look on the right and under the tag heading click on crazy or Dac and you’ll have tons of laughs.

Dac in boot
Umm, mother I’m stuck in the boot. I need a little help here. Pretty please.
snarly dac
I can’t help it that I’m trouble.

This is a blog hop and I’m only semi internet savvy  so check out this link for the hop hop: http://www.thelazypitbull.com/2015/03/52-snapshots-mischief/


Doing Some Cat Yoga

Learn yoga from Dac (unless you’re a human pretzel I suggest you don’t attempt :))!!!!

One of my harder poses. Lie on left side, twist your torso so your right shoulder is on the ground. Now bend so that the back of your head  touches your butt. Stretch your arms above your head. Breath deeply, in and out, and relax.
One of my easier poses. Sit on the ground, and bend your torso forward. Put your hands on the ground. Breath in deeply, in and out, now relax.
This pose requires a deep sense of self. This is my levitating pose. I haven’t mastered total levitation yet, much to my mother’s relief. This pose doesn’t come with instructions: either you can do it or you can’t.
The CRAB!!! Mmmmmm. Basically get on the ground and walk around on all fours (feet and hands). Breath in and out, relax.  Bonus points if you can do it on a 2 by 4 that is a couple of inches off the ground.
Lie on the ground and curl up in a fetal position. Now stretch one leg so that it is straight and parallel with your body (your knee touching your nose). Breath in and out, and relax.


This is one of my easier poses. Lie on your stomach. Put your toes on the ground, so your foot and leg are at a 90 degree angle. Lean on your fore arms, think of a sphinx. Breath through your nose, in and out, and relax.

Hope you had fun doing Dac Yoga!!

My Manx Cat

Dac is not a pure breed Manx.  I’m thinking some genes mutated and she ended up with a stump of a tail; most Manx’s have no tails.  She was born to a farm cat and an unknown father, but everything I read on Manx’s relates to her.  Manx’s love to carry things in their mouths, which Dac does.  It’s quite funny when she carries a jingle ball in her mouth because I always know who is coming down the hall.  They need attention, which Dac definitely does.  Manx’s also like to chase things, yup that’s Dac alright.  She does have a very small two-part tail and it’s like her spine keep growing (I can feel a few vertebrae in her tail) and then attached to the spine is what feels like a piece of string (cartilage).  Her tail is very unique and she can wiggle each part of her tail in different directions at the same time.

6tag_061214-160145 IMG_4187

Another thing about Manx’s is that they are very slow growers and I have read online that they can take up to 5 years before they reach the size they will be.  I wouldn’t mind if Dac stayed petite because she is so crazy.  A crazy petite cat is easier to manage than a big crazy cat.  She also insists on walking on me at night or when I’m sitting and watching TV so a petite cat’s weight I can handle, but if Eddie started walking on me, it would end very quickly. I’m also thinking Dac is so small because of the amount of energy she has.  She probably burns more calories than she takes in.  I will occasionally feed her more, if she wants extra food (she will sit by the laundry room door and yodel).

A snippet from: http://www.theultimatecatwebsite.com/cat-breeds.html#MassiveMaineCoon

  The Manx originated on the Isle of Man in the 1500s.This breed is a cat that has rather large hind legs and is born without any tail. Some Manxes are born with stumps, small or short tails, or even a full length tail. If a Manx has a tail, its very hard to tell it from a domestic shorthair. Because of the shortened backbone, this cat also appears to have a curved back. This cat sports all colors and patterns seen in cats (although some associations do not accept color points). The Manx is a shorthaired breed.  This breed is active and curious, and loves to interact with its owner. It is considered a highly intelligent breed.


Interesting information:

If you look at Dac’s tail closely, you can see the poof which part one of her tail and the darker gray piece hanging out of the poof is part two.  Kind of hard to see and one day I might be able to figure out how to upload videos and than you can see clearly her very unique tail.