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Java was the second one to enter the family.  She was born in spring of 2012.  I decided to get her because Eddie was home alone a lot and I thought he needed a playmate.  Java and Eddie are brother and sister.  They were born to a wild cat my parents have on their yard.  She was named Java because I love coffee.  The other name I considered was Bella, but Edward and Bella, didn’t sound right.

Java is a diva and a goody-two shoes.  She rarely jumps on the counters and is over-all a nice cat.  Java has either a very snooty look or she looks very confused.  She is also very skittish, which is kind of funny because her mom’s name is Scaredy Cat (one of my parent’s wild cats).  When the doorbell rings she dives under the bed and won’t move until the person has left.   She also needs her alone time and can be aloof at times.  She’s not really cuddly, unless I’m in the bathroom and than she is super cuddly.  She also has grand plans to escape one day.  When ever I come home she is sitting in the window and than when I open the door she tries to run out.




Wordless Wednesday: I’m the Royal of the Condo!!


A Princess has to be dainty when cleaning her paws. A servant would make the job easier.
Ha ha!! Dac I’m older than you so therefore I get the title Queen Java the Diva.
The girls can be all regal, I’m just going to be Edward the Turd. No dignity for me.
Dac I don’t need help cleaning my ears. I know royals use servants to help them clean, but seriously I can do it myself. Oh, my tongue can’t reach my ears!! Oops, keep cleaning.
A very regal Queen Java the Diva.
The Queen can touch her nose.


Selfies and Cats Part 2

I take a  gazzilon pictures of my poor cats.  I’m thinking my cats wish my phone and camera would magically disappear, lol.

Merry Ukrainian Christmas!

Enjoy this gallery/slide show I put together of my cats enjoying the traditional Christmas on Dec. 25, 2014.  They are in random order (sorry, not entirely sure how to put them in the correct order :)).  My cats had 3 Christmas’s: they celebrated with my sister and got a reindeer hat from her and they got their Christmas feast, on Dec. 25 they opened their Secret Santa Claws 2014 from the Cat Instagram community, and they got presents from my family on Dec. 26.  I think my cats celebrated more than I did, lol.

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! And since I forgot to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Merry Ukrainian Christmas on Jan. 7, lol.

The Family’s New Year resolutions:

Dac: Be more crazy and continue to live life on the wild side.  Try to find China when digging in my litter box.

Eddie: Stay grouchy and handsome.  Become as big as a panther.

Java: Become even more diva-ish and more reclusive.

Lorissa: Take even more pictures of my cats and annoy my cats.  Keep blogging a little more regularly.  This blog is sort of like a beater car.  On occasion the car looses its engine and sits idly for a couple of months til a new engine can be found.  Than it sputters along for a while and then a tire flies off.  The car sits idly for a week and then sputters along again.   Hopefully the “car” (blog) will sputter regularly without any interruptions this year, lol.

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Meeting of the Red Dot

What is this red thing that sometimes appear?? We need to figure this out.


Java: “Mom, are you making the red dot appear?Mother” Eddie: “Who cares Java, shut up and just chase the red dot.” Dac: “Red dot, must chase red dot”.
Java: “Fine I will look at the red dot, but my diva self will not allow me to chase the red dot. Ladies don’t run and make fools out of themselves”.