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Dogs vs. Cats

I grew up with both cats and dogs.  So why did I choose, as my first pets, cats?  While Eddie was a bit of a fluke.  I found a wild cat’s nest/litter and saw Eddie was a “Siamese” kitten so I had to have him (later on he turned black).  I took Eddie home and started my family.  I would encourage before getting any pet to do a bit of research before bringing them home.  This is my thought process on dogs vs cats:


  • Often can get them for free.  If you do get them from a shelter, they are often fixed, de-wormed, and have their first shots which does save a lot of money.
  • Don’t need to go for walks.  I’m lazy and live in a place where it gets to -40 c so the idea of going for walks is unappealing.
  • They stay small.
  • A cat is a cat is a cat.
  • Need to trim nails, which I don’t do because I can’t stand the sound.
  • Can wreak your furniture, but dogs can also if they aren’t trained.
  • Litter Boxes, yes they are gross, but I have just gotten use to them.  Maybe I don’t mind them since I work in health care and have seen much worse and smelled much worse.  :)!!!


  • There are many breeds and each dog is different so for me, who can’t make up her mind, it would be mission impossible finding the right dog for me.
  • The cost was a big deterent.  I’m not sure how much shelter dogs are, but it may be comparable to a cat.
  • You need to train dogs.  To have a nice and loving dog you need to train it.  I don’t think I have the patience to train a dog.
  • Dogs need to go outside.  I live in a condo so I would need to go outside every time the dog wanted to go outside.

Vet costs are comparable for both dogs and cats so that didn’t play a factor in me deciding.  My best advice before getting any animal is to do your research.  Getting a pet is a big decision and involves a lot of money (vet costs, food, litter, leash, etc.) and they need your time.  Animals need love and attention so make sure that you can provide this to any animal you get.