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18 Struggles Only A Cat Owner Understands

I need to write something/blog something.  Quick, think…………  Ah here’s an article I can write on:


#1.  Yup Dac did this to me.  I actually went outside to see if she escaped, even though it was physically impossible for her to go outside.

#5.  I have just accepted the fact I had “sand” on my floors.  I really need to buy a mini or a handheld vacuum cleaner to quickly sweep up the “sand”.

17.  I have given up having plants in the house.  Plants and cats don’t mix.

18.  Yup, good thing Dac is a cutie.

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Cloning Cats

For some reason last night I was thinking of cloning cats.  If the technology existed would you clone your cat(s)?

Dac I would never clone.  One Dac in a lifetime is enough.  She is a beautiful cat, but her energy level is insane.

Eddie I would consider it if they could take out the gene that causes him not to use the litter box.  I have 3 litter boxes and clean them nightly and he doesn’t use them.

Java I would clone in a heartbeat.  She is a beautiful and shy cat.  I have nothing evil to say about her.

Java's secret hiding spot.
Java’s secret hiding spot.
Eddie being a very bad kitty.
Eddie being a very bad kitty.
This scratching post lasted for 2 years, than Dac joined the family and yeah it's destroyed.
This scratching post lasted for 2 years, than Dac joined the family and yeah it’s destroyed.


The start of crazy season has started.  It’s actually not that bad, but still I’m finding it hard to find time to blog.  I want to keep the wheels on this blog so lets see if I do it.

Week 13: Spring

Spring.  Hmmm, really.  It’s white and cold outside.  On Wednesday we got a spring blizzard.  My cats are strictly indoor cats so no spring pics of them, but I do have some other springy pics.

It’s suppose to be SPRING!!!!! What’s with all that white stuff on the ground???


This is more like spring!! My parent’s mini greenhouse.


Pretty eggs from my parent’s chickens. They are Americauna and Silkie eggs. They also have a Leghorn (who is suppose to lay white eggs, but has stopped), Rhode Island Red, and Columbia Plymouth Rock chickens.




http://www.thelazypitbull.com/2015/03/52-snapshots-spring/ This is a blog hop.

Breaking News: VID

Huh?  What?  VID, what is that?  I’ve hear of VIP: very important people/person, but VID.  VID is very important dates.  The human has issues remember things and writing things down on a paper is easy, but the paper can get lost.  So the VID’s are going on the blog.


  • Blog started March 3 2014
  • Instagram started April 24 2014


  • Eddie and Java May 1 2012
  • Dac Sept. 1 2013
  • Human August 23

Adoption Dates

  • Eddie  May 22 2012
  • Java    June  11 2012
  • Dac Oct. 28 2013

Now I do have a confession to make I don’t know when my cats were born or adopted.  Told you I had a very bad memory, lol.  I do know what month and year they were born and adopted so I just picked a date that seemed rational.  Eddie I got at around 3 weeks and Java joined 3 weeks later.  Dac I got in Oct., but I can’t remember if I got her before my parent’s Agritourism business closed for the season or the weekend before.  Oh, well I have dates now and I’ll just go with that, lol.

Watching mother’s marble roll down the hallway.


Jumping on the Bladder.

I’m still trying to figure out what is worse having a 14.5 lb or so cat jumping on your full bladder or jingle balls.  I’m leaning towards the bladder.  I’m sure my neighbors are wondering why they often hear their neighbor scream “My bladder” (my walls are paper thin).  Also Eddie tends to jump on my bladder first thing in the morning.  Oh the pain.



{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 9: Purple

Lean back in your chair, take a deep breath: in and out, and think about the color purple.  What comes to mind?  When I think of purple I think of royalty and the song “One-eyed Purple People Eater”.  That would actually make a really good comedy.  A Purple people eater running around in a Palace trying to eat all the Royals.  Ok, purple and pets, my blog is about my cats so purple and cats.  Hmm.   Well I think my Java is a diva and diva’s are sorta of like royalty.

I did a photo shoot with my cats and poor Java was the one who had to wear the purple scarf.  I think I only lost a finger or two in the process because I was feeding my cats treats.  In the process I learnt I’m not a really good photographer and moving cats don’t give you good pictures.  Also the scarf is it really purple??  Kind of like that stupid debate on Friday about the blue and black vs the gold and white dress (it was blue and black).  Good and free advertising for the dress-maker.  Enjoy the photo shoot (with a purple blanket in the backgrounds, lol):

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