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Edward aka Eddie aka Edward the Turd (Edward the Third) aka Edturd.   He was my first cat.  I decided to adopt him in a split second.  I didn’t put much thought into it.  He belonged to one of my parent’s wild cats and I thought she might move the kittens so I snatched him.  I wanted him so badly because he looked like a Siamese cat.  I took him at around three weeks (not recommended) and bottle feed him and was his mom.  Now that he is all grown up he is a BLACK cat (roll my eyes :)).

Eddie likes to explore and has a super long tail.  He is also a very laid back cat.  He also likes to nurse/suck.  I don’t mind it and allow it.  When my sister comes over he nurses in her armpits.    He’s far more cuddly than Java, but less than Dac.  He also needs his litter box super clean or ELSE.

IMG_3642 33

Wordless Wednesday: I’m the Royal of the Condo!!


A Princess has to be dainty when cleaning her paws. A servant would make the job easier.
Ha ha!! Dac I’m older than you so therefore I get the title Queen Java the Diva.
The girls can be all regal, I’m just going to be Edward the Turd. No dignity for me.
Dac I don’t need help cleaning my ears. I know royals use servants to help them clean, but seriously I can do it myself. Oh, my tongue can’t reach my ears!! Oops, keep cleaning.
A very regal Queen Java the Diva.
The Queen can touch her nose.


The Scourge of Valentine’s Day

I think Valentine’s Day is just a chance for retailer’s to rake in the dough.  It’s a cash grab and a silly holiday.  Love should be celebrated everyday and not just on Feb. 14th.  Eddie was looking for a date for Feb. 14th and he decided that he’s a bachelor and a happy one.  He loves chasing the ladies and wining and dining them.  He’s happiest being around a throng of ladies and not just one.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  If it’s a day you enjoy, please enjoy it.  If it’s a holiday you despise than drink an extra glass of wine and eat a box of chocolates.  If you looking for love than why not sign up on E-Harmony.  Happy Day to you!!

Eddie’s Looking for a Date!!

All righty lady cats, I’m looking for a date for Feb. 14.  My human Aunty said she would build me a wagon to take my lady friend for a ride.  My human Grandparents have a gorgeous 10 acre property in the country.  Later on we’ll have some Tunianis, Salmon, and Catnip Mousse.  I tried getting a lady on Instagram and I got no bites.  I wonder if there is a match making service for cats??

The Selfie with a Cat

The selfie is a relative new phenomena (didn’t happen when I was growing up in the 90’s) and someone has even developed a selfie stick (http://www.walmart.com/ip/Minisuit-Selfie-Stick-Pro-with-Built-In-Remote-on-Handle-for-GoPro-Apple-Android-Phones/40506535).  Personally  I hate selfies and rarely take any.  If I “accidentally” take a selfie, it will usually include a cat.

I’m back!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!!  Everything is a mess on here, lol.  Time to fix everything and start regularly blogging.  Not having a computer for 7 months, canning over 1000 jars in 3 months, tending a 1 acre market garden, and 3 acre pumpkin patch makes life a little furry.  But I’m back……

So if you need a cat fix check out my cat account on instagram: paws4moment or if you like to see what I do in summer check out lorastreasures.com

Am I Hallucinating??

My cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling and has about a foot to foot and half gap.  When my kittens were little if they were bad they would get put up there or if they were getting in my hair that was the time out spot.  Soon Eddie learnt how to go and down on his own and so did Dac.  Java never learnt how to get up or down on her own.  I was walking from my bedroom to the kitchen and I see some eyes looking at me from the top of the cabinets.  I don’t think much of it, but I am a bit puzzled.

I look at the floor and see Eddie looking at me and I see Dac rolling around in the kitchen.  So that leaves Java?  I look up and it’s Java looking down at me.  I was bit surprised and had no idea how she did it because she often sits on my garbage can and yodels til I throw her on top.  So now sometimes all three are up on top of the cabinets and sometimes it’s quite the romp up there.



Dac keeping a careful eye on the human.