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Two Momma Cats

So last year I had two cat moms that had kittens at around the same time.   One was dumb and had them outside and the other one was smart and had them in the gift shop.  It actually worked with the one having them outside, but then she decided moving them into random spots.  My mom wanted the other kittens out of the gift shop so I decided to move them all into our storage shed all together.  Yup it didn’t work so great.  One mom moved three kittens (two of hers and one other) into the paintball car.  Dumb idea because that car gets hammered by paint balls.  So I moved them all back into the storage shed.  Eventually everyone settled down and they lived outside.  Occasionally they would move into the gift shop or back into the paintball car.  So last year I was a busy momma rescuing kittens.  Everyone at the petting farm loved the kittens.

The most photographed boot at the petting zoo. The kittens loved sleeping in there. Elly Mae is being a brat and annoying them.
Coda, six kittens, and Elly Mae (the orphan kitten).
Coda and Skor McFlurry sharing six kittens.

Elly Mae- The Orphan Kitten

Elly Mae had  a rough start to life.  I have Aspberger’s Syndrome and one of the upsides/downsides is that I can hear things most people can’t.  I was walking past the girl goat pen and heard meowing.  I went in and saw a small kitten squirming around.  I knew she had a mom but putting her back with the mom seemed like a bad idea.  I had already found one of her siblings dead so I didn’t want this one to die also.  The mother had the kittens in the ceiling of a very leaky building and the ceiling had holes so if I put the kitten back, it would probably just fall out.

My  mom bought me a kitten bottle and KMR formula and I tried to get the kitten to eat.  I don’t have much patience so it wasn’t successful.  I put an SOS out on Facebook asking someone to be a foster mom and one of my parent’s workers took in the kitten.  The kitten thrived for a bit and then declined drastically.   The worker brought the kitten back and I was making it as comfortable as possible.  While the kitten decided not to die and started thriving again.   I had just made two moms share kittens so I put Elly Mae in the bunch and soon two families and a sort of orphaned kitten became one big happy family. (5 kittens, 2 moms, and Elly Mae).  Elly Mae loves to climb people’s legs and insists on sitting on your shoulder.  She is a super friendly cat and loves being around people.

I think during her first year of life she has used up 2 or 3 of her lives already and hopefully from now on life will be a little less dramatic.

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