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{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 9: Purple

Lean back in your chair, take a deep breath: in and out, and think about the color purple.  What comes to mind?  When I think of purple I think of royalty and the song “One-eyed Purple People Eater”.  That would actually make a really good comedy.  A Purple people eater running around in a Palace trying to eat all the Royals.  Ok, purple and pets, my blog is about my cats so purple and cats.  Hmm.   Well I think my Java is a diva and diva’s are sorta of like royalty.

I did a photo shoot with my cats and poor Java was the one who had to wear the purple scarf.  I think I only lost a finger or two in the process because I was feeding my cats treats.  In the process I learnt I’m not a really good photographer and moving cats don’t give you good pictures.  Also the scarf is it really purple??  Kind of like that stupid debate on Friday about the blue and black vs the gold and white dress (it was blue and black).  Good and free advertising for the dress-maker.  Enjoy the photo shoot (with a purple blanket in the backgrounds, lol):

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{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 8: Mirror

This week is mirror and I counted I have 3 mirrors in my place and another bizarre fact I have no pictures up of humans in my place.  I’m a nature and animal type of person.  Also I think the last time someone took a picture of me was a year or two ago.

The closest thing to a family picture. Trying to wrangle 3 cats and a human in one picture I think is mission impossible so 2 cats and human is impressive. Also the human does not do selfies or pictures of herself :)!!


Note: I am looking at other people’s blogs on this blog hop.  A lot of blogs don’t have a like button so I can’t show my “like” for your post.  Also I have found that some sites I can’t comment.  I have tried and after 2 tries I gave up.  So I will be a ghost and float around and read blogs.  Sorry I can’t show my appreciation and “like” of your posts.


{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 5: Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentines day
From the gang: Eddie, Dac, Java, and the Human.
Dac wishes you all get some furry mice this Valentine’s day.
The human’s Valentine’s day consists of: Dark Chocolate, Rum, Snuggles, and curling (I’m Canadian eh :)).


If you haven’t checked out Daily Categories website here is a link:https://www.dc-onecatthemepurrday.com/home.html

And here is a link to the calender they are trying to make:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1290358825/daily-category-365-page-a-day-2016-catlendar