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Wordless Wednesday: Cuteness Overload


A cute farm kitten.
A pile of 5 fur balls.



Blue Cat, Black Cat, Pink Cat, Everywhere a Cat.

I grew up with the belief that almost all orange cats were males and all calico and tortie cats were female.  While this is not the case, 80 % of orange cats are male and less than 1 % of calico’s and torties are males.

Here’s how it works. To have black and orange in the same cat, the cat needs two X chromosomes. Two X chromosomes mean the cat will be female. Male cats need a Y chromosome and are XY.

Occasionally a mutation will arise during embryonic development and a kitten will be born with an extra chromosome: XXY. The two Xs allow for the cat to be black and orange. The Y makes it a male. This is how you get a tortoiseshell or a calico male cat.

Tortoiseshell and calico male cats are uncommon (one out of 3000 are male).


For more information please check on various colors of cats and what official colors are called:




Overpopulation of Cats and Bunnies

I have been thinking about the cat population lately and lo and behold my news program had an article on feral cats:


There is a program in Winnipeg that traps adult cats for TNR (trap, neuter, return), which I think is an excellent idea to reduce the feral cat population (http://www.craigstcats.ca/colony-manager-program.html).  I also think farms need to re-think their views on cats.  My parents do not want to fix their female cats because than they won’t catch mice.  This is an area I need to do more research on. Is it only female cats, that are intact, that catch mice?   Farms don’t want mice, but at the same time don’t want 100 cats roaming around.

This is the problem with cats and I threw in bunnies also to show that cats aren’t the only overpopulated animal on this earth:

cat overpopulation




An indoor cat can live to approx. 17 years of age.  Outdoor cats live to be 2-5 years, but my parents farm they get to be around 7-10 years.

Female cats usually have been 4 to 6 kittens per litter and most female cats have two to 3 litters of kittens a year.

A female cat can get pregnant at approx 6 to 9 months old and the pregnancy is 58 to 65 days.

16 years of age X 5 (times 2 litters) = 160 kittens in a female cat’s life (considering everything goes perfectly and the cat is in good health).

Are you scared yet, lol??  Now you know why it’s so important to fix animals.

Dogs vs. Cats

I grew up with both cats and dogs.  So why did I choose, as my first pets, cats?  While Eddie was a bit of a fluke.  I found a wild cat’s nest/litter and saw Eddie was a “Siamese” kitten so I had to have him (later on he turned black).  I took Eddie home and started my family.  I would encourage before getting any pet to do a bit of research before bringing them home.  This is my thought process on dogs vs cats:


  • Often can get them for free.  If you do get them from a shelter, they are often fixed, de-wormed, and have their first shots which does save a lot of money.
  • Don’t need to go for walks.  I’m lazy and live in a place where it gets to -40 c so the idea of going for walks is unappealing.
  • They stay small.
  • A cat is a cat is a cat.
  • Need to trim nails, which I don’t do because I can’t stand the sound.
  • Can wreak your furniture, but dogs can also if they aren’t trained.
  • Litter Boxes, yes they are gross, but I have just gotten use to them.  Maybe I don’t mind them since I work in health care and have seen much worse and smelled much worse.  :)!!!


  • There are many breeds and each dog is different so for me, who can’t make up her mind, it would be mission impossible finding the right dog for me.
  • The cost was a big deterent.  I’m not sure how much shelter dogs are, but it may be comparable to a cat.
  • You need to train dogs.  To have a nice and loving dog you need to train it.  I don’t think I have the patience to train a dog.
  • Dogs need to go outside.  I live in a condo so I would need to go outside every time the dog wanted to go outside.

Vet costs are comparable for both dogs and cats so that didn’t play a factor in me deciding.  My best advice before getting any animal is to do your research.  Getting a pet is a big decision and involves a lot of money (vet costs, food, litter, leash, etc.) and they need your time.  Animals need love and attention so make sure that you can provide this to any animal you get.


Life with a Cat

My worst fear is one day having no cats living with me.  My family doesn’t understand why I have three cats and are against me getting a fourth one.  Good thing I live alone and rarely have company over so I can add cats without people knowing.  Now I’m not crazy and attempting to try to break records, like where someone had 125 cats.  I have nosy neighbors who keep tabs on how many cats I have, lol.  They walk past by my window and see my three cats looking out the window and when I added Dac my neighbors all inquired about her (not having a normal tail makes you kind of odd).  I’m thinking 4 or 5 cats would be a nice number.  I didn’t get a new kitten in 2014 because Dac is CRAZY and a handful.  There was one kitten, this year on the farm, who I really wanted, but resisted taking home.  In 2015 we’ll see what happens.  I always get my kittens from the farm and I don’t go to cat shelters because I would want to take everyone of them home.


A Gallery of Kids and Cats.

Obesity in Cats

Found this on facebook and thought I would share it:

“Fat Cats. I used to love fat cats when I was kid. I didn’t know what sort of problems it created for the kitty, I just saw a cute and loveable furball. Some cats are built big, Maine Coons, Scottish Folds are a bigger frame but most cats are about 8-11pounds. When I read 3 extra pounds on a 10 lb. cat is equal to 45 extra pounds on a 150 lb. person I freaked!

October is Pet Obesity Awareness month so over the next coming months I will be bringing you some not only tools and solutions to help kitties shed some pounds but also stories from cat lovers sharing what they have done to help their baby lose weight. I look down at my kitties and think these are my best furfriends and don’t I want my best furfriends to remain by my side for as long as possible?

When cats are obese it can create problems like and not limited to: heart disease, a reduced life span, joint problems, ruptured cruciate ligaments, labored or difficult breathing, fatigue/exercise intolerance, greater risk for heat stroke/heat exhaustion, greater susceptibility to fatty liver disease, diabetes, and osteoarthritis, Arthritis, creates joint and structural damage, respiratory problems, heart disease, kidney problems…they can’t even jump up on our laps or scratch their chins because they can’t get their leg up poor things.

Hey, I love pampering my babies and when I was younger I used to be a push over for some sad eyes and of course the incessant meowing didn’t hurt. As I got older I realized if I really loved my kids I would make sure they had the healthiest and happiest life condition I could provide for them and that means the fleeting moments of joy provided by treats was nothing compared to the many memories I could create if I didn’t give in to their every demand. I knew this wasn’t going to go over well with the cats but I would make up for it by playing with them more and spending more time cuddling. I kept sticking to my guns and stopped giving in – even though it drove me nuts for a couple of weeks.

Eventually they learned. I hope I am not coming off as one of those people trying to tell you how to raise your fur kids, if I am that was not my intention, I just know that there are those of your out there that feel the same as I do, like we are here to protect them and make sure they get the best we can provide, some times even beyond what we would even do for ourselves”.



Samson.  One of the farm kittens.  He's one the special kitties (he's fixed :)).
Samson. One of the farm kittens. He’s one the special kitties (he’s fixed :)).
Hisser.  One of the farm kiities.  He's special because he has used up almost all of his nine lives and he's fixed.
Hisser. One of the farm kitties. He’s special because he has used up almost all of his nine lives and he’s fixed.

Two Momma Cats

So last year I had two cat moms that had kittens at around the same time.   One was dumb and had them outside and the other one was smart and had them in the gift shop.  It actually worked with the one having them outside, but then she decided moving them into random spots.  My mom wanted the other kittens out of the gift shop so I decided to move them all into our storage shed all together.  Yup it didn’t work so great.  One mom moved three kittens (two of hers and one other) into the paintball car.  Dumb idea because that car gets hammered by paint balls.  So I moved them all back into the storage shed.  Eventually everyone settled down and they lived outside.  Occasionally they would move into the gift shop or back into the paintball car.  So last year I was a busy momma rescuing kittens.  Everyone at the petting farm loved the kittens.

The most photographed boot at the petting zoo. The kittens loved sleeping in there. Elly Mae is being a brat and annoying them.
Coda, six kittens, and Elly Mae (the orphan kitten).
Coda and Skor McFlurry sharing six kittens.

Elly Mae- The Orphan Kitten

Elly Mae had  a rough start to life.  I have Aspberger’s Syndrome and one of the upsides/downsides is that I can hear things most people can’t.  I was walking past the girl goat pen and heard meowing.  I went in and saw a small kitten squirming around.  I knew she had a mom but putting her back with the mom seemed like a bad idea.  I had already found one of her siblings dead so I didn’t want this one to die also.  The mother had the kittens in the ceiling of a very leaky building and the ceiling had holes so if I put the kitten back, it would probably just fall out.

My  mom bought me a kitten bottle and KMR formula and I tried to get the kitten to eat.  I don’t have much patience so it wasn’t successful.  I put an SOS out on Facebook asking someone to be a foster mom and one of my parent’s workers took in the kitten.  The kitten thrived for a bit and then declined drastically.   The worker brought the kitten back and I was making it as comfortable as possible.  While the kitten decided not to die and started thriving again.   I had just made two moms share kittens so I put Elly Mae in the bunch and soon two families and a sort of orphaned kitten became one big happy family. (5 kittens, 2 moms, and Elly Mae).  Elly Mae loves to climb people’s legs and insists on sitting on your shoulder.  She is a super friendly cat and loves being around people.

I think during her first year of life she has used up 2 or 3 of her lives already and hopefully from now on life will be a little less dramatic.

IMG_3946  1383038_729591247054203_868806832_n





Growing cats in the greenhouse.

Allen is one of my parents farm cats and is spoiled.  He is the only one allowed into the greenhouse and he loves it in there.  He rarely lies on plants or destroys stuff.  I occasionally find him rolling in the catnip or sleeping on the onion plants.  He than gets a shot of water and I pick a few catnip leaves for him and carry him to a more appropriate place to lie and roll in catnip.

Lumpys Pics 003
Sleeping in water. Can’t be too comfy, but he didn’t seem to mind. He was dripping wet when he finally decided to find a much better place to lie down.
Lumpys Pics 002
This tray is usually full of water and we use it to water the plants that we just seeded or coming up. Allen decided it was warm and plunked himself in.
Lumpys Pics 053
The onion plants that Allen loves lying on. My parents have a mini greenhouse inside the larger greenhouse to save on heating costs.  The greenhouse is 20 feet wide by 80 feet long.  We grow tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse.  We also have a 5 acre market garden.