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A Typical Morning with a CAT!!!!!

So I’m a night owl and usually go to bed at 1 or 2 am  and sleep for 10 hours.  That’s how I function and makes me happy.  Dac thinks that is WAY to long to wait to be fed so she insists on being fed between 7 am and 10 am.  Here’s her routine:

  1. Scratch at the blanket so the human lets me in.
  2. Climb all over the human and poke her with my nails.
  3. Lick her hands or start to make biscuits.
  4. Climb out of blanket.
  5. Repeat 1-4 until human gets up.

I get up and fed all three fur balls and climb back into bed.  I don’t free feed my cats because of the risk of obesity.  Java is a pig and would eat herself silly.  I would love to free feed Dac, but not going to happen because of my other two cats.  It’s much easier to have healthy weight cats than have to get a cat to lose weight.


Dangerous Foods

It annoys me to no end when I see on TV or a movie giving a cat milk.  Cats and kittens can’t digest/break down lactose.  So therefore they shouldn’t be given milk.  If you find an orphan kitten that needs “milk” please give them KMR powder (www.drugs.com/vet/kmr-powder.html).

Other dangerous foods include:

  • Chocolate
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Caffeine
  • Grapes and Raisins
  • Yeast Dough
  • Alcohol
  • Avocado
  • Bones
  • Citrus
  • Fish

The list is quite extensive and is probably safe to say the safest food for cats is cat food.  I will admit I’m not an angel and do sometimes feed my cats human food.  When they sit on my lap and use their begging eyes, I relent.  I’m trying really hard, though, to only feed them their cat food in order to protect them and extend their life expectancy.

I gleaned this list through searching the internet.  If you want to know why these foods are dangerous, search the internet and many resources will pop up.

Merry Ukrainian Christmas!

Enjoy this gallery/slide show I put together of my cats enjoying the traditional Christmas on Dec. 25, 2014.  They are in random order (sorry, not entirely sure how to put them in the correct order :)).  My cats had 3 Christmas’s: they celebrated with my sister and got a reindeer hat from her and they got their Christmas feast, on Dec. 25 they opened their Secret Santa Claws 2014 from the Cat Instagram community, and they got presents from my family on Dec. 26.  I think my cats celebrated more than I did, lol.

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Obesity in Cats

Found this on facebook and thought I would share it:

“Fat Cats. I used to love fat cats when I was kid. I didn’t know what sort of problems it created for the kitty, I just saw a cute and loveable furball. Some cats are built big, Maine Coons, Scottish Folds are a bigger frame but most cats are about 8-11pounds. When I read 3 extra pounds on a 10 lb. cat is equal to 45 extra pounds on a 150 lb. person I freaked!

October is Pet Obesity Awareness month so over the next coming months I will be bringing you some not only tools and solutions to help kitties shed some pounds but also stories from cat lovers sharing what they have done to help their baby lose weight. I look down at my kitties and think these are my best furfriends and don’t I want my best furfriends to remain by my side for as long as possible?

When cats are obese it can create problems like and not limited to: heart disease, a reduced life span, joint problems, ruptured cruciate ligaments, labored or difficult breathing, fatigue/exercise intolerance, greater risk for heat stroke/heat exhaustion, greater susceptibility to fatty liver disease, diabetes, and osteoarthritis, Arthritis, creates joint and structural damage, respiratory problems, heart disease, kidney problems…they can’t even jump up on our laps or scratch their chins because they can’t get their leg up poor things.

Hey, I love pampering my babies and when I was younger I used to be a push over for some sad eyes and of course the incessant meowing didn’t hurt. As I got older I realized if I really loved my kids I would make sure they had the healthiest and happiest life condition I could provide for them and that means the fleeting moments of joy provided by treats was nothing compared to the many memories I could create if I didn’t give in to their every demand. I knew this wasn’t going to go over well with the cats but I would make up for it by playing with them more and spending more time cuddling. I kept sticking to my guns and stopped giving in – even though it drove me nuts for a couple of weeks.

Eventually they learned. I hope I am not coming off as one of those people trying to tell you how to raise your fur kids, if I am that was not my intention, I just know that there are those of your out there that feel the same as I do, like we are here to protect them and make sure they get the best we can provide, some times even beyond what we would even do for ourselves”.



Samson.  One of the farm kittens.  He's one the special kitties (he's fixed :)).
Samson. One of the farm kittens. He’s one the special kitties (he’s fixed :)).
Hisser.  One of the farm kiities.  He's special because he has used up almost all of his nine lives and he's fixed.
Hisser. One of the farm kitties. He’s special because he has used up almost all of his nine lives and he’s fixed.

Stressed = Desserts

I was so excited they finally fixed my computer.  After 4 months of use I managed to fry my hard drive.   I than went to my parent’s place and transplanted in the greenhouse and helped the farrier give all the animals their spring pedicures.  My very pregnant girl goats did NOT want a pedicure.  I tried to wrestle with them nicely because wrestling with a pregnant goat is not a good idea.  Also it looks kind of cruel speed walking after a goat that looks like she has as the farrier put it “a whole herd of goats in their”.  They got a pedicure and I got a sore everything :).

I get home and make supper at 7:30 pm.  Than I start up my computer and a cracked screen greets me.  The repair company or the mail company cracked my screen.  It’s a whole screen crack and right in the middle too.  Saturday I’ll be back at the store and I’ll lose my computer for another month (that is me groaning and screaming in the background).   I’m going to upload some pics tomorrow and do a couple of posts.

Obesity in Cats

I cringe every time I see an extremely obese cat.  I don’t think their cute and I think the owners are cruel.  To get the most out of life cats need to be an ideal weight.  Cats love to run, play, and jump and cats can’t do this if they are obese.  Below is a chart that gives a visual on what an ideal weight looks like.

A lovely chart that describes the perfect weight for cats:  www.pfma.org.uk/_assets/weigh-in-wednesday/pet-size-o-meter-cat.pdf

If I look at my cats I would stay Dac is on the thin side.  She is still growing and has an amazing amount of energy so I’m keeping a close eye on her to make sure she fills out.  She has been to the vet and he didn’t say anything about her being thin so I won’t worry about it too much.  Eddie is the ideal weight, but he does have a sagging belly.  Java is borderline ideal and overweight.  She loves to eat and since I feed everyone at the same time I have to watch that she doesn’t steal the other cats food.  I know that if I don’t keep an eye on her she will very quickly become an overweight cat.

My cats are fed throughout the day.  I don’t leave food out for them to eat throughout the day.  My cats are pigs and I know that if I put their portion for the day they will eat it all in one sitting and then whine non-stop for more food.  I once put out food for two days and for some reason I came back a few hours later and the food was all gone.  I use to put their daily ration in a bag and then feed them throughout the day (I now know that they get three feedings from the cup I use to measure food).  Or you can feed them at breakfast, supper, and right before bedtime.  Another option is to use an automated feeder.  Just make sure to do your homework because I’ve heard some are garbage: http://www.catfooddispensersreviews.com/

If you have an obese cat I would recommend visiting a vet for a check up and then putting them on a weight reducing diet.  Also try to get your cats more physically active.  My cats love chasing a laser and it can sound like a herd of thundering elephants when they chase it.  Also they love chasing balls.  I throw it and they chase after it.  It also gives me a workout because they don’t know what fetch is so I do quite a bit of walking.

If you love your cat(s) please make sure they are an ideal size so as to extend their life expectancy.

My baby Dac. When she stretches out she reminds me of a Dachshund. She has a super long body and not much fat on her body. She isn’t full-grown so she will fill out yet.