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A Typical Morning with a CAT!!!!!

So I’m a night owl and usually go to bed at 1 or 2 am  and sleep for 10 hours.  That’s how I function and makes me happy.  Dac thinks that is WAY to long to wait to be fed so she insists on being fed between 7 am and 10 am.  Here’s her routine:

  1. Scratch at the blanket so the human lets me in.
  2. Climb all over the human and poke her with my nails.
  3. Lick her hands or start to make biscuits.
  4. Climb out of blanket.
  5. Repeat 1-4 until human gets up.

I get up and fed all three fur balls and climb back into bed.  I don’t free feed my cats because of the risk of obesity.  Java is a pig and would eat herself silly.  I would love to free feed Dac, but not going to happen because of my other two cats.  It’s much easier to have healthy weight cats than have to get a cat to lose weight.


18 Struggles Only A Cat Owner Understands

I need to write something/blog something.  Quick, think…………  Ah here’s an article I can write on:


#1.  Yup Dac did this to me.  I actually went outside to see if she escaped, even though it was physically impossible for her to go outside.

#5.  I have just accepted the fact I had “sand” on my floors.  I really need to buy a mini or a handheld vacuum cleaner to quickly sweep up the “sand”.

17.  I have given up having plants in the house.  Plants and cats don’t mix.

18.  Yup, good thing Dac is a cutie.

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{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 18: Below

Everyone who has a cat knows that cats think the world revolves around them so the human is below and the cat is on top.

During the summer months I’m super busy and sort of (in my mind) neglect my cats.  I feel kind of guilty and being a crazy cat lady I promised to make up for it.  A week ago I got a cat tower and it’s their mom feels guilty, Christmas, and birthday present.  Dac is in love with the cat tower.  Eddie and Java are sometimes on it, but the amount Dac spends on it, it was well worth it.

Week 13: Spring

Spring.  Hmmm, really.  It’s white and cold outside.  On Wednesday we got a spring blizzard.  My cats are strictly indoor cats so no spring pics of them, but I do have some other springy pics.

It’s suppose to be SPRING!!!!! What’s with all that white stuff on the ground???


This is more like spring!! My parent’s mini greenhouse.


Pretty eggs from my parent’s chickens. They are Americauna and Silkie eggs. They also have a Leghorn (who is suppose to lay white eggs, but has stopped), Rhode Island Red, and Columbia Plymouth Rock chickens.




http://www.thelazypitbull.com/2015/03/52-snapshots-spring/ This is a blog hop.

Confusion During the Night

So I’m sound asleep, like totally out cold and nothing should wake me up.  While I woke up with a start.  I’m half asleep, heart is pounding, and I’m confused.  There is a racket going on and I don’t know where or what that noise is.  My neighbors are being inconsiderate and yabbering away in the dead of the night (the walls are paper thin)?  Oh wait, maybe that’s my neighbor sleep talking and I shouldn’t be too pissed off that he woke up me.  Than I become more awake and more aware.  Oh that noise is coming from around my knees.  What???  Is that Eddie snoring??  Before I can totally figure it out I fall fast asleep.  My brain decided I wasn’t in any danger and shut off again.

In the morning I still couldn’t figure it out, Eddie snoring or my neighbors yabbering in the middle of the night.  I’m leaning to Eddie snoring really really loudly.  Now snoring can be a sign of bad health in a cat, but I’ve figured Eddie is healthy.  He just snores really loudly at night.