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{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 11: Travel

Travel and Cats!!!  Nope they don’t mix.  Java and Eddie actually have gone on a vacation with me, once, to the lake.  They were kittens and I couldn’t bear to spend a couple of nights without them so they came to the lake.  Dac hasn’t been so lucky as the longest trip she’s been on is six miles: farm to her furever home.

On Instagram there is a group called Daily Category.   Every once in a while the cats take pretend trips on the weekends.  So far my cats have been to the Swiss Alps, Paris, Africa, and now they are in Fiji.  It’s a lot of fun and some of the editing is amazing.  If you’re on instagran check out username: Daily_Category.

The human on the other hand loves to travel.  I’ve been to Panama, Ecuador, Germany, South Africa, and all over the US and Canada.  My next trip I want to take is to Las Vegas and then spend two nights at the Grand Canyon.    I want to eventually visit all the States and Provinces.  I haven’t done any traveling since I got my cats (life sometimes throws you some wicked curve balls) so I’m not sure how that is going to work.  My cats will stay at home, but who to look after them, that’s the question, lol.

All the States I have visited. I really need to get out to the East Coast one of these days, lol.
The Daily Category cats are in Fiji this weekend.



Instagram for Cats

I’m one of those crazy cat ladies who have an Instagram account just for my cats.  I started my account in April 2014 and found an amazing cat community within Instagram.  So if you’re interested in joining Instagram and showing off you kitties I have a few pointers.

General Guidelines:

  • You need a memorable name.  Most people use their cats names, but you can be creative and name it whatever you want.  Some examples: paws4moment, mylovingkitties, chesterthealleycat, etc.
  • Some people are all about followers and following accounts.  I’m trying to grow my account slowly and don’t really care how many people are following me.  Also I’m trying to not follow too many accounts.  My rational is this:  if I’m following 1000 accounts and they each post 2 pics a day, can I look at all 2000 pics in a day??  Probably not and Instagram is about liking and commenting on pictures.  Also I have found that people may follow your account, but not interact with you.  I find that 5% to 10% of my followers will like my photos and comment on them.  They are a lot of “ghosties” on Instagram :).
  • This my personal pet peeve: accounts posting massive amount of photos in one day.  I really don’t feel like scrolling through my feed and seeing 100 pictures of the same cat.  I usually post around 2 to 3 pictures a day.  My other pet peeve is people who have cat accounts and posting massive amounts of “things” other than their cats.  I’m following your account because you have cats and I don’t care to see 20 pictures, all in a row, of your long distance relatives.  Now the occasional picture, not related to your cats, is fine, but don’t post massive amounts.
  • Hashtags are important and as you continue to read I give a few good hastags to get you started.

Cat accounts have created their own special days:

  • Monday: Loafing around (#mondaynightloafoff)
  • Tuesday: Taco Tongue Tuesday or Tongue Out Tuesday (#ttt or #tacotonguetuesday) (#tongueouttuesday)
  • Wednesday: Whisker Wednesday (#whiskerwednesday)
  • Thursday: Throwback Thursday (#tbt)
  • Friday: Show off your cats teeth (#fangofffriday)
  • Saturday: Sleeping cats (#sleepysaturday)
  • Sunday: Cat Selfies (#selfiesunday #catselfie)

Ok Saturday and Sunday aren’t days, yet, on Instagram, but I’m going to get them popular, lol.

The best way of getting your pictures noticed is to use good hashtags.  Make sure, though, that the hasttag is relevant to your picture.  Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • #napsoharduniversity
  • Color of your cat: #tuxedo #tortiecat #blackcats #calicocat, etc.
  • #instacat
  • #catagram
  • #catswiththeirmouthopen or #catswiththeirtonguesout
  • #crazycat
  • #crazycatlady

Interesting Cat Accounts:

  • mycatkyle
  • crosseyedfinn
  • stalinthecat and liladolf
  • tuxedotrio
  • catswiththeirmouthsopen and catswiththeirtonguesout
  • foster_kittens

The most important thing, though, is to have fun on Instagram.  Be polite, look around, chat with other crazy cat people, etc.  I view this blog and Instagram as a diary of my cats. When my cats pass on I can look back at their life here or on Instagram.  So why don’t you join me on Instagram: paws4moment :).


365 days of cats.

A group on instagram is putting together a calender.  It will be 365 days of real, not photo shopped or professional, cats.  I think this is such a cool idea.  If you want more information check out these two links: http://www.dc-onecatthemepurrday.com/home.html and https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1290358825/daily-category-365-page-a-day-2016-catlendar

If you are on instagram check out user: daily_category.  It’s such a fun account and you get a lot of laughs when looking at the pictures.

Dac enjoying a merry-go-round ride in Paris, France.
PicsArt_2015-01-17 12_16_34 AM
Dac and Eddie enjoying a boat ride with their cousin Hepzee in “Miami”.