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Wordless Wednesday: Gardening

This makes mom happy ūüôā and a happy mom means no STRESS!!


{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 5: Earth

Mom’s head was a spinning with ideas to do with Earth (har har: spinning and earth. ¬†I hope it isn’t spinning too fast). ¬†When mom thinks of earth she thinks of DIRT. ¬†It was earth day on Wednesday, April 22, hence the theme of Earth. ¬†I’m still going with the idea of DIRT, lol. ¬†My cats are only allowed outside on a halter and Eddie and Java hate it. ¬†Dac loves it, but she is a bit of a monkey and being on a second floor balcony is a bit dangerous.

The baby garden at 0.33 acres. I plant veggies that need to be picked three times a week (beans and cucumbers) and early crops in this garden (beets, cabbage, and carrots). The other garden is a 3 acre pumpkin patch and 0.7 acre veggie garden.
Inside the greenhouse.
I had to include a picture of the farm dog, Stuey, enjoying the green grass.
The temp inside of the greenhouse. One time the fan broke and it went up to 50 celsius. I didn’t work in the greenhouse that day. We have two temps because we have a greenhouse inside of a greenhouse. Sounds confusing, but it is our way of saving heat. In the beginning of the season we only use 1/3 of the greenhouse.
Jenny doesn’t enjoy when earth (dirt) and water mix. Jenny is a mini horse that my parents use to give pony rides. This is a very “earthy” picture :).



1,000,000 Pictures of my Cats.

I’m not sure how many pictures I have of my cats, but it is in the thousands, if not tens of thousands. ¬†I usually take 10 pictures of the same pose and than never delete the bad ones. ¬† ¬†Going through my pictures I have double the pictures of Dac, compared to Eddie and Java. ¬†I have very few pictures of Java as she is my shy diva.

At a family gathering someone asked “So did you get some nice pictures of everyone?”. ¬†I smiled and said “No. ¬†I only take pictures of animals and scenary”. ¬†The person said “Aren’t some humans animals?”. ¬†Hmmm, got to ponder that one.

Every once in a while I go through my pictures and try to sort them. ¬†It’s not an easy task and takes a while, but I love looking at pictures of my cats. ¬†I hope you enjoy the pictures I post of my cats.

Simple math: an average of 10 pics a day times 365 days of the year equals 3650 times 3 (how old my kitties are) equals 10, 950 pictures. ¬†Yeah, I’m a tad crazy, lol.

Instagram for Cats

I’m one of those crazy cat ladies who have an Instagram account just for my cats. ¬†I started my account in April 2014 and found an amazing cat community within Instagram. ¬†So if you’re interested in joining Instagram and showing off you kitties I have a few pointers.

General Guidelines:

  • You need a memorable name. ¬†Most people use their cats names, but you can be creative and name it whatever you want. ¬†Some examples: paws4moment, mylovingkitties, chesterthealleycat, etc.
  • Some people are all about followers and following accounts. ¬†I’m trying to grow my account slowly and don’t really care how many people are following me. ¬†Also I’m trying to not follow too many accounts. ¬†My rational is this: ¬†if I’m following 1000 accounts and they each post 2 pics a day, can I look at all 2000 pics in a day?? ¬†Probably not and Instagram is about liking and commenting on pictures. ¬†Also I have found that people may follow your account, but not interact with you. ¬†I find that 5% to 10% of my followers will like my photos and comment on them. ¬†They are a lot of “ghosties” on Instagram :).
  • This my personal pet peeve: accounts posting massive amount of photos in one day. ¬†I really don’t feel like scrolling through my feed and seeing 100 pictures of the same cat. ¬†I usually post around 2 to 3 pictures a day. ¬†My other pet peeve is people who have cat accounts and posting massive amounts of “things” other than their cats. ¬†I’m following your account because you have cats and I don’t care to see 20 pictures, all in a row, of your long distance relatives. ¬†Now the occasional picture, not related to your cats, is fine, but don’t post massive amounts.
  • Hashtags are important and as you continue to read I give a few good hastags to get you started.

Cat accounts have created their own special days:

  • Monday: Loafing around (#mondaynightloafoff)
  • Tuesday: Taco Tongue Tuesday or Tongue Out Tuesday (#ttt or #tacotonguetuesday) (#tongueouttuesday)
  • Wednesday: Whisker Wednesday (#whiskerwednesday)
  • Thursday: Throwback Thursday (#tbt)
  • Friday: Show off your cats teeth (#fangofffriday)
  • Saturday: Sleeping cats (#sleepysaturday)
  • Sunday: Cat Selfies (#selfiesunday #catselfie)

Ok Saturday and Sunday aren’t days, yet, on Instagram, but I’m going to get them popular, lol.

The best way of getting your pictures noticed is to use good hashtags.  Make sure, though, that the hasttag is relevant to your picture.  Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • #napsoharduniversity
  • Color of your cat: #tuxedo #tortiecat #blackcats #calicocat, etc.
  • #instacat
  • #catagram
  • #catswiththeirmouthopen or #catswiththeirtonguesout
  • #crazycat
  • #crazycatlady

Interesting Cat Accounts:

  • mycatkyle
  • crosseyedfinn
  • stalinthecat and liladolf
  • tuxedotrio
  • catswiththeirmouthsopen and catswiththeirtonguesout
  • foster_kittens

The most important thing, though, is to have fun on Instagram. ¬†Be polite, look around, chat with other crazy cat people, etc. ¬†I view this blog and Instagram as a diary of my cats. When my cats pass on I can look back at their life here or on Instagram. ¬†So why don’t you join me on Instagram: paws4moment :).


Hobbies and cats don’t mix.

I enjoy making handmade greeting cards in the winter and am attempting to learn how to sew. ¬†Both of these hobbies are quite hard to do with cats. ¬†During the summer months I can at my parent’s place because really who wants to find cat hair in their jam, lol (the real reason I can at my parent’s place is because of laws and my cats).

My sister was a little horrified when she was at my place for Christmas and Dac was watching us, on the counter, getting our food ready.  I order in take out food when I very rarely have guests because most people would get nauseous if they saw how I ate, lol.  Cat hair just seems to get into everything and having 6 eyes looking at you while you eat is a little strange to most people.

I have completely given up doing jigsaw puzzles because I don’t know how to keep the cats from sitting on the puzzle or eating the pieces. ¬†If you would like to see what I do check out lorastreasures.com

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! And since I forgot to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Merry Ukrainian Christmas on Jan. 7, lol.

The Family’s New Year resolutions:

Dac: Be more crazy and continue to live life on the wild side.  Try to find China when digging in my litter box.

Eddie: Stay grouchy and handsome.  Become as big as a panther.

Java: Become even more diva-ish and more reclusive.

Lorissa: Take even more pictures of my cats and¬†annoy my cats. ¬†Keep blogging a little more regularly. ¬†This blog is sort of like a beater car. ¬†On occasion the car looses its engine and sits idly for a couple of months til a new engine can be found. ¬†Than it sputters along for a while and then a tire flies off. ¬†The car sits idly for a week and then sputters along again. ¬† Hopefully the “car” (blog) will sputter regularly without any interruptions this year, lol.

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I’m the human of the family. ¬†I’m a huge lover of all animals, except rodents. ¬†I have three cats so far (there may be more in the future). ¬†I don’t own a dog, but plans are for one to join the family in the far far future.

I love cats and I love looking at cat pictures. ¬†That is the reason why I started this blog and because I haven’t found a good site that has cute pictures of cats without annoying captions or poor grammar or English written on the pictures. ¬† Sometimes captions make the picture funny and sometimes it distracts from the picture. ¬†I also love taking pictures and have hundreds of pictures of my cats.

I have a scientific background and I find computers aren’t my friend. ¬†Same can be said for my camera. ¬†I use my windows phone and a canon to take my pictures. ¬† Some pictures turn out wonderfully and some are just terrible. ¬†I also have been told I have a weird or unique writing style. ¬†Same can be said for my sense of humor. ¬†You either like my writing style and humor or you detest it :). ¬†My dad’s worse nightmare was reading and correcting my English assignments in High School and essay’s in University.

Beside cats I love to garden, can (pickles, relishes, jams, and jellies), go to farmers’ markets, make handmade cards, and I’m just learning how to sew. ¬†I also love watching T.V. and googling things on the internet.

I own three goats: Chloe, Mozart, and Jack. Chloe had triplets (one died) and my dad’s goat had twins. The black one is Rocky (I had to bottle feed him for 24 hours to keep him alive. He was a fighter.), the black and white one is Oreo, the other black one is Coco, and the speckled one is Mayble.
The human in the family.