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Edward aka Eddie aka Edward the Turd (Edward the Third) aka Edturd.   He was my first cat.  I decided to adopt him in a split second.  I didn’t put much thought into it.  He belonged to one of my parent’s wild cats and I thought she might move the kittens so I snatched him.  I wanted him so badly because he looked like a Siamese cat.  I took him at around three weeks (not recommended) and bottle feed him and was his mom.  Now that he is all grown up he is a BLACK cat (roll my eyes :)).

Eddie likes to explore and has a super long tail.  He is also a very laid back cat.  He also likes to nurse/suck.  I don’t mind it and allow it.  When my sister comes over he nurses in her armpits.    He’s far more cuddly than Java, but less than Dac.  He also needs his litter box super clean or ELSE.

IMG_3642 33


Nutty Yoga Dac

Dac sometimes sleeps with her eyes half open. You can see her eyes move, which is very strange.
Eddie makes a nice foot rest. Brothers do have a place in the family.
I’m at a loss of words. How can this be comfortable??
What mom? I’m just chilling here.
Dac’s new resting place.
Waiting for the red dot to re appear.
Again I’m at a loss of words.
Still sleeping. I’m pretty sure Dac could be in any position and she would fall asleep.