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Blue Cat, Black Cat, Pink Cat, Everywhere a Cat.

I grew up with the belief that almost all orange cats were males and all calico and tortie cats were female.  While this is not the case, 80 % of orange cats are male and less than 1 % of calico’s and torties are males.

Here’s how it works. To have black and orange in the same cat, the cat needs two X chromosomes. Two X chromosomes mean the cat will be female. Male cats need a Y chromosome and are XY.

Occasionally a mutation will arise during embryonic development and a kitten will be born with an extra chromosome: XXY. The two Xs allow for the cat to be black and orange. The Y makes it a male. This is how you get a tortoiseshell or a calico male cat.

Tortoiseshell and calico male cats are uncommon (one out of 3000 are male).


For more information please check on various colors of cats and what official colors are called:





Nail Care

I hate clipping my cats nails.  To me the sound when you clip the nails sounds like someone scratching their nails against a chalkboard.  It’s torture.  I have a lovely sister who clips Dacs nails for me when she comes for a visit.  I would recommend clipping your cats nails to prevent the destruction of your house.

If you cat keeps scratching everything in site something else to try is Soft Paws (https://www.softpaws.com).  I have tried them and loved them.  The only issue I had was the cost and the fact I needed two people to put them on.  I have used on them Eddie and Java once and when they fell off I just left it.  I am tempted to put them on Dac.

A good article on how to trim your cats nails can be found here: http://www.cat-world.com.au/how-to-trim-your-cats-claws.  If you haven’t trimmed a cats nails it is important to read up on it because you can do a lot of damage to the nail if it isn’t trimmed properly.

Another way to keep your cats nails short is to have scratching posts in your house.  My cats hate the cardboard ones and will only use the carpet ones.  I have five scratching posts scattered around my place, lol.  My cats still love destroying my furniture, but luckily all of my furniture was hand me downs so I’m not concerned about the appearance of the furniture.

Java with her pretty nails. Getting them on her was difficult, but it worked.


Two Momma Cats

So last year I had two cat moms that had kittens at around the same time.   One was dumb and had them outside and the other one was smart and had them in the gift shop.  It actually worked with the one having them outside, but then she decided moving them into random spots.  My mom wanted the other kittens out of the gift shop so I decided to move them all into our storage shed all together.  Yup it didn’t work so great.  One mom moved three kittens (two of hers and one other) into the paintball car.  Dumb idea because that car gets hammered by paint balls.  So I moved them all back into the storage shed.  Eventually everyone settled down and they lived outside.  Occasionally they would move into the gift shop or back into the paintball car.  So last year I was a busy momma rescuing kittens.  Everyone at the petting farm loved the kittens.

The most photographed boot at the petting zoo. The kittens loved sleeping in there. Elly Mae is being a brat and annoying them.
Coda, six kittens, and Elly Mae (the orphan kitten).
Coda and Skor McFlurry sharing six kittens.

Elly Mae- The Orphan Kitten

Elly Mae had  a rough start to life.  I have Aspberger’s Syndrome and one of the upsides/downsides is that I can hear things most people can’t.  I was walking past the girl goat pen and heard meowing.  I went in and saw a small kitten squirming around.  I knew she had a mom but putting her back with the mom seemed like a bad idea.  I had already found one of her siblings dead so I didn’t want this one to die also.  The mother had the kittens in the ceiling of a very leaky building and the ceiling had holes so if I put the kitten back, it would probably just fall out.

My  mom bought me a kitten bottle and KMR formula and I tried to get the kitten to eat.  I don’t have much patience so it wasn’t successful.  I put an SOS out on Facebook asking someone to be a foster mom and one of my parent’s workers took in the kitten.  The kitten thrived for a bit and then declined drastically.   The worker brought the kitten back and I was making it as comfortable as possible.  While the kitten decided not to die and started thriving again.   I had just made two moms share kittens so I put Elly Mae in the bunch and soon two families and a sort of orphaned kitten became one big happy family. (5 kittens, 2 moms, and Elly Mae).  Elly Mae loves to climb people’s legs and insists on sitting on your shoulder.  She is a super friendly cat and loves being around people.

I think during her first year of life she has used up 2 or 3 of her lives already and hopefully from now on life will be a little less dramatic.

IMG_3946  1383038_729591247054203_868806832_n





Dead Kitten in Bed

Have you ever been in that state where you are asleep, but awake and nothing around you makes sense?  I woke up from a deep sleep and looked to my left.  My cats get half the bed and Edward and Dac were sleeping.  Java wasn’t in bed which wasn’t unusual as she likes to be alone.  AND…. there was a dead kitten in my bed.  This made no logical sense as I have only three cats and had not taken in another one.  Also there was no possible way for there to be a kitten in my place.  There is one door into my place and I would notice if a kitten had slipped in.  I studied this dead kitten and reached over to touch it and it felt cold and stiff.  Felt exactly like a dead kitten.  Now I was getting more confused.  Where did this dead kitten come from?  I picked up the dead kitten and realized it was a toque.  Relief swept over me and I rolled over and went back to sleep.

Dac and Eddie sleeping on their side of the bed.

Adoption of a Kitten or Cat

“Hey I want a cat” you say and I would reply “Whoa, have you thought this through”?

I got Eddie on an impulse, but I grew up around cats and I always wanted to have cats.  Also I knew I wasn’t moving any time soon after moving around 7 times in 14 years (I can’t exactly remember how many times I moved back in with my parents :)).  I know that I have lived in 4 apartments and now my condo in 14 years.  The one strike I did have against me was that I wasn’t in a financially stable position so it did add-on an expense.  I also knew there wouldn’t be any new humans in the house for a long or ever time.  I guess I had given it some thought, but hadn’t thought through the timing of getting a kitten.

Some things to consider before getting a cat:

  • Where is your life heading in the next 15 years?  That is the average life expectancy of an indoor cat and some live while into their 20’s.
  • Will you be able to care for a cat for the next 15 to 20 years?
  • Can you tolerate cat hair and having to vacuum A LOT or brush the cat A LOT?
  • Do you have finances in place for cat food, vet bills (they are EXPENSIVE), and litter?

I see red when people get rid of a cat because a new baby comes into the family, they change furniture and the cat no longer matches (that is the stupidest reason I have ever heard of), or because the cat scratches too much.   I know some circumstances you can’t prevent and you have no choice but to surrender your cat.  I don’t have an issue with these people and can understand their pain at having to say good-bye to a family member.  I have issues with people getting rid of their cat because they did not think it through and it was an impulsive decision and they now regret it.  Think before you get a cat.

Please make sure you do your homework before adopting a cat and make sure it is something that you can commit to for the long-term.  Another thing to consider is do you have the time for a cat?  Yes cats aren’t like dogs and need lots of walks and such, but cats still do need time with humans to play and be loved.   Cats should NOT be treated like a piece of clothing that you can discard and get rid of as you please.

Now if you have considered this all and you can say that you can love a cat and take care of it for the next 15 to 20 years, than congratulations and go get yourself a cat.  There are many in shelters that are looking for a forever home and there are so many cute kittens and cats out there.

I am so very cute, but can you love me and take care of me for the next 15 years?