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Cat hoarding… Is 125 too many??

Here’s an interesting article:


I think 3 inside cats is just enough, but having 125 oy.  On my parent’s 10 acre farm they have 15 cats, but they each almost get an acre to themselves, lol.

Side note:  I thought I would have my laptop back by now, but nope.  It broke March 21 and I sent it in to be fixed March 22.  Got it back April 17 with a mega crack on the screen and I’m still computerless.  May 17th is my date that I start harassing to get my laptop back as I’m going a little bit batty without it.  So posts will be a little bit sporadic.  My parent’s computer is just as fast as paint drying.  LOL.

Another side note: If you want to see a ton of cute cat pictures check out my instagram page: (username) paws4moment.

Java wants to be "regular".
Java wants to be “regular”.

Stressed = Desserts

I was so excited they finally fixed my computer.  After 4 months of use I managed to fry my hard drive.   I than went to my parent’s place and transplanted in the greenhouse and helped the farrier give all the animals their spring pedicures.  My very pregnant girl goats did NOT want a pedicure.  I tried to wrestle with them nicely because wrestling with a pregnant goat is not a good idea.  Also it looks kind of cruel speed walking after a goat that looks like she has as the farrier put it “a whole herd of goats in their”.  They got a pedicure and I got a sore everything :).

I get home and make supper at 7:30 pm.  Than I start up my computer and a cracked screen greets me.  The repair company or the mail company cracked my screen.  It’s a whole screen crack and right in the middle too.  Saturday I’ll be back at the store and I’ll lose my computer for another month (that is me groaning and screaming in the background).   I’m going to upload some pics tomorrow and do a couple of posts.

The Laptop Graveyard

This post has nothing to do about cats, but the apparatus I use to blog.  My apparatus has decided to bite the dust and maybe won’t need to be added to the laptop graveyard.  I’l find out in 14 days what the status of my laptop is.

Laptop one:  I bought my first laptop with my tax refund.  It was a really good laptop and lasted a while.  It was the first one to go to the laptop graveyard after I fried the hard drive.

Laptop two:  Was also a good laptop until the hinge decided to bust.  Yup I managed to break a hinge on my laptop.  I used a roll of duct tape to keep it together and it worked.  The only problem was that, I think, when the hinged broke it cut the wifi cable.  This wasn’t a problem until I took a trip.  I always joked that my laptop always wanted to be a tablet and was trying to achieve that dream.

Laptop three:  I fried the hard drive AGAIN.  I put in laptop twos hard drive and it worked great.  Than a piece broke off around the plug in area and one day a cable broke off and I couldn’t charge the laptop any more.  Anyone with more laptop knowledge know, would this be fixable or would this be a really expensive fix?

Laptop four:  My parents gave it to me as a present and it lasted a grand total of four and half months and than……I FRIED the hard drive.  Yup I’m really good at frying hard drives.  Laptop four is under warranty so we’ll see what happens.  I’m currently on a loaner so knock hard on wood this one doesn’t do anything stupid.  I tried using my phone as a laptop and that just made me go batty.

I’ve had four laptops in the last 12 years.  Is that a good average or a terrible average?  I’m not one to always upgrade to the newest thing so not sure how my average is with other people.  I’m quite thrifty so this seems like I’m frying laptops at a rapid rate.  One other note they were all ACERS.  Maybe that is just a terrible brand and I should stray into something else.  Suggestions??

I don’t treat my laptops badly and I don’t do anything extreme on them so I have no idea why my laptops insist on being in the graveyard instead on my lap working.  Anybody have tips to extend the life of a laptop?

As long as this laptop keeps working the next post will be on CATS and nothing but CATS :)!!