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Why I write the way I write!

Have you ever looked at your blog posts and wondered what influenced your writing style?  My high school English teacher and dad would be horrified that I’m writing a blog.  I liked English, but not the grammar part.  I really couldn’t care less about verbs, nouns, semicolons, etc.  Now I love to read and read a ton.

I do notice my sentences are quite choppy and short.  I think that’s how I think.  I’m always thinking and inventing new things in my head and I sometimes can’t keep up writing what I’m thinking.  I try to make my sentences longer, but most times I’m like oh well that’s the way I write.

I have a Bachelor degree so that means 4 years of university.  I had to write a lot of papers/essays and always had to find research articles.  The motto was “for every fact you state you need 5 articles that back up your fact”.  That’s why I include a lot of links, I’m backing up my facts and I love to read.  Maybe there’s others out there who also love reading and learning new things.

Yup, that’s what influences my writing.  In short: I don’t like grammar, I love to read, and I feel the need to back up my facts.

Me, the human, with my other fur babies. Chloe, my pygmy goat, had triplets March 27.



Happy One Year Anniversary!!!!

I’ve been blogging for a year now.  While, to be totally honest, I guess its been more like six-months.  With all my laptop issues and my summers being crazy (a 4 acre garden/pumpkin patch and canning 1000 jars) posting posts has been hard.  But my new year’s resolution is to post every Mon-Wed-Fri so……………

Happy One Year Anniversary to Me!!!!!!!!!!!!


My favorite photo of Dac and me.
My favorite photo of Dac and me.

Selfies and Cats Part 2

I take a  gazzilon pictures of my poor cats.  I’m thinking my cats wish my phone and camera would magically disappear, lol.

Hobbies and cats don’t mix.

I enjoy making handmade greeting cards in the winter and am attempting to learn how to sew.  Both of these hobbies are quite hard to do with cats.  During the summer months I can at my parent’s place because really who wants to find cat hair in their jam, lol (the real reason I can at my parent’s place is because of laws and my cats).

My sister was a little horrified when she was at my place for Christmas and Dac was watching us, on the counter, getting our food ready.  I order in take out food when I very rarely have guests because most people would get nauseous if they saw how I ate, lol.  Cat hair just seems to get into everything and having 6 eyes looking at you while you eat is a little strange to most people.

I have completely given up doing jigsaw puzzles because I don’t know how to keep the cats from sitting on the puzzle or eating the pieces.  If you would like to see what I do check out lorastreasures.com

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!! And since I forgot to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Merry Ukrainian Christmas on Jan. 7, lol.

The Family’s New Year resolutions:

Dac: Be more crazy and continue to live life on the wild side.  Try to find China when digging in my litter box.

Eddie: Stay grouchy and handsome.  Become as big as a panther.

Java: Become even more diva-ish and more reclusive.

Lorissa: Take even more pictures of my cats and annoy my cats.  Keep blogging a little more regularly.  This blog is sort of like a beater car.  On occasion the car looses its engine and sits idly for a couple of months til a new engine can be found.  Than it sputters along for a while and then a tire flies off.  The car sits idly for a week and then sputters along again.   Hopefully the “car” (blog) will sputter regularly without any interruptions this year, lol.

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The Selfie with a Cat

The selfie is a relative new phenomena (didn’t happen when I was growing up in the 90’s) and someone has even developed a selfie stick (http://www.walmart.com/ip/Minisuit-Selfie-Stick-Pro-with-Built-In-Remote-on-Handle-for-GoPro-Apple-Android-Phones/40506535).  Personally  I hate selfies and rarely take any.  If I “accidentally” take a selfie, it will usually include a cat.

Crazy Thief Part Two

So DAC stole my cashbox key and I wasted precious time looking for it.  I wasn’t coming back that evening so I needed to put food out.  I decided that took too much time and I would come back in the evening.  While that never hapenned.  Now my cats could survive without food for 24 hours, but it wouldn’t be nice of me to do that to them.

I asked my sister to feed my cats and she refused.  My mom heard my sister refusing so she said she would go feed them.  My mom hasn’t been in my place in over two years.  She knows I’m a “collector”, but I figured my place would scare her.  I tried to scare out of doing it by telling her how she needs to enter my place.

  1. Unlock the door and open an inch.
  2. Stick your foot in the crack.
  3. Stay shoo kitties, shoo.
  4. Try to enter without losing any cats.

My moms eyes got wide and she said ” If I lose any cats, I’m going to the Looney bin”.  It was kind of sweet hearing that my mom was concerned about my cats.

When I got home I asked my mom how it gone feeding my cats and she said “I just banged on the door and yelled.  I didn’t see no cats til I got out of the laundry room”.  All I could think of was my poor condo neighbors, lol.









Crazy Thief

Sorry for the poor quality, tablet takes horrible pictures.

So it was Tuesday/Wednesday at night and I was getting my cash box ready for the farmers’ Market.  I got it ready, while in bed, and put it on the floor.  I wake up to clank, clank.  DAC is playing with the key.  Groggily I take it out and put it beside me.  I know this is a bad idea, but I’m too groggy to care.   I wake up in the morning  and go about the morning.  As I’m about to leave I go for my cash box and the key.  The key is gone.  Anything Dac can carry she will.  My bed sometimes has very interesting things in it.  Now I’m not a hoarding, but on the verge….  So finding the key is not  an easy task.  DAC had hidden it in some of my sewing projects.   The farmers’ markert was on Thursday, but my family was going to plant our 3.5 acre garden that morning so I was a bit frantic.  Which made for another interesting problem.  Stay tuned….


Cat hoarding… Is 125 too many??

Here’s an interesting article:


I think 3 inside cats is just enough, but having 125 oy.  On my parent’s 10 acre farm they have 15 cats, but they each almost get an acre to themselves, lol.

Side note:  I thought I would have my laptop back by now, but nope.  It broke March 21 and I sent it in to be fixed March 22.  Got it back April 17 with a mega crack on the screen and I’m still computerless.  May 17th is my date that I start harassing to get my laptop back as I’m going a little bit batty without it.  So posts will be a little bit sporadic.  My parent’s computer is just as fast as paint drying.  LOL.

Another side note: If you want to see a ton of cute cat pictures check out my instagram page: (username) paws4moment.

Java wants to be "regular".
Java wants to be “regular”.

Flying and wearing Dac.

Dac decided that being a kitten wasn’t enough for her.  She decided she wants to be a flying squirrel.  I learnt of this dream when I was taking something out of the fridge from the bottom shelf.  All of sudden I had Dac on my back.  Now thankfully I don’t get startled easily and didn’t start screaming or cursing full force.  I was just in utter shock.


Now I get use to wearing Dac.  When I clean the litter box I know I will probably be wearing Dac because she loves watching me clean the litter box.  Although the other day I had an utter surprise again.  I was looking in the oven and Dac came flying from about 6 feet away and landed full force on my back with her claws out.  I was not impressed and Dac was stuck in time out (laundry room, although this isn’t punishment to her because that’s where the food is).

She also insists on climbing on me when I’m sewing.  So now I have become a paranoid sewist (or is that sewer??).  Not just because I add to my collection of scratches on my back, but because she insists on stealing my thread.