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Wordless Wednesday: Love

My heart melts when I see this picture.



Cat Fight!!!

My cats rarely fight and if they do, it’s play fight.  Occasionally I think I’m going to have to rescue Java from Eddie, but they resolve things before one of them loses an eye or tail.

The Turd and Dac.
Extreme cleaning.
Pow, pow. Looks like Dac is the trouble maker in the house.
Eddie delivers the knock punch. Ka pow!!!!!!
Ahh, sibling love. Can’t you tell how much my cats love each other???
The Diva being harassed by the BRAT!!!!!


{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 5: Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentines day
From the gang: Eddie, Dac, Java, and the Human.
Dac wishes you all get some furry mice this Valentine’s day.
The human’s Valentine’s day consists of: Dark Chocolate, Rum, Snuggles, and curling (I’m Canadian eh :)).


If you haven’t checked out Daily Categories website here is a link:https://www.dc-onecatthemepurrday.com/home.html

And here is a link to the calender they are trying to make:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1290358825/daily-category-365-page-a-day-2016-catlendar


The Scourge of Valentine’s Day

I think Valentine’s Day is just a chance for retailer’s to rake in the dough.  It’s a cash grab and a silly holiday.  Love should be celebrated everyday and not just on Feb. 14th.  Eddie was looking for a date for Feb. 14th and he decided that he’s a bachelor and a happy one.  He loves chasing the ladies and wining and dining them.  He’s happiest being around a throng of ladies and not just one.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  If it’s a day you enjoy, please enjoy it.  If it’s a holiday you despise than drink an extra glass of wine and eat a box of chocolates.  If you looking for love than why not sign up on E-Harmony.  Happy Day to you!!