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Jingle Balls, Batman Smells.

Ok, I’ll admit that is the only line I know from that song and I don’t even know where I heard it.  I googled it and hear is a link to the whole song: http://www.cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/wilson-steven/jingle-bells-batman-smells-37149.html

Why did this song pop in my head?? Because of blasted Dac, my lovable, $#%^#@$ manx cat.  I love her dearly, but sometimes her antics make my hair gray pre-maturely.   I was in a peaceful sleep and I hear jingling.  I look up and Dac has a jingle ball in her cat bed.  I pick it up and hurl it out of bed and attempt to go back to sleep.  I hear jingling again.  The blasted cat knows how to play fetch.  I confiscated the ball and hoped she wouldn’t find the other 15 jingle balls in the house and hope for a peaceful, non-jingling sleep.



{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 5: Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Happy Valentines day
From the gang: Eddie, Dac, Java, and the Human.
Dac wishes you all get some furry mice this Valentine’s day.
The human’s Valentine’s day consists of: Dark Chocolate, Rum, Snuggles, and curling (I’m Canadian eh :)).


If you haven’t checked out Daily Categories website here is a link:https://www.dc-onecatthemepurrday.com/home.html

And here is a link to the calender they are trying to make:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1290358825/daily-category-365-page-a-day-2016-catlendar


My Manx Cat

Dac is not a pure breed Manx.  I’m thinking some genes mutated and she ended up with a stump of a tail; most Manx’s have no tails.  She was born to a farm cat and an unknown father, but everything I read on Manx’s relates to her.  Manx’s love to carry things in their mouths, which Dac does.  It’s quite funny when she carries a jingle ball in her mouth because I always know who is coming down the hall.  They need attention, which Dac definitely does.  Manx’s also like to chase things, yup that’s Dac alright.  She does have a very small two-part tail and it’s like her spine keep growing (I can feel a few vertebrae in her tail) and then attached to the spine is what feels like a piece of string (cartilage).  Her tail is very unique and she can wiggle each part of her tail in different directions at the same time.

6tag_061214-160145 IMG_4187

Another thing about Manx’s is that they are very slow growers and I have read online that they can take up to 5 years before they reach the size they will be.  I wouldn’t mind if Dac stayed petite because she is so crazy.  A crazy petite cat is easier to manage than a big crazy cat.  She also insists on walking on me at night or when I’m sitting and watching TV so a petite cat’s weight I can handle, but if Eddie started walking on me, it would end very quickly. I’m also thinking Dac is so small because of the amount of energy she has.  She probably burns more calories than she takes in.  I will occasionally feed her more, if she wants extra food (she will sit by the laundry room door and yodel).

A snippet from: http://www.theultimatecatwebsite.com/cat-breeds.html#MassiveMaineCoon

  The Manx originated on the Isle of Man in the 1500s.This breed is a cat that has rather large hind legs and is born without any tail. Some Manxes are born with stumps, small or short tails, or even a full length tail. If a Manx has a tail, its very hard to tell it from a domestic shorthair. Because of the shortened backbone, this cat also appears to have a curved back. This cat sports all colors and patterns seen in cats (although some associations do not accept color points). The Manx is a shorthaired breed.  This breed is active and curious, and loves to interact with its owner. It is considered a highly intelligent breed.


Interesting information:

If you look at Dac’s tail closely, you can see the poof which part one of her tail and the darker gray piece hanging out of the poof is part two.  Kind of hard to see and one day I might be able to figure out how to upload videos and than you can see clearly her very unique tail.