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Cat Yoga Part 2

Yoga Part 2.  Again not for the faint of heart.  Try the poses at your own risk.    To see part one: https://paws4moment.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/693/

The Hang.  Lie on a bed or table and let your head hang over the side. Will relieve tension in your neck.
The Hang Pro. Feeling good with The Hang, try the Hang Pro. Lie on a bed or table and slowly slide off of the bed head first.  Make sure no is around to give you an extra push.
The Crunch. Find a comfortable lap and start doing crunches. For best effect try not to fall asleep.
The Eat My Leg Pose. Lie on your side and slowly raise your leg to your mouth.
Eat Some Flies. Lie on your stomach and raise each leg, one at a time. To get a better stretch, touch your head to your butt.
The Sphinx Mermaid. Lie on you stomach and get put your elbows on the floor.  Try to look like a mermaid and a Sphinx.
Let It All Hang. Lie on your side and let it all hang out.

Cloning Cats

For some reason last night I was thinking of cloning cats.  If the technology existed would you clone your cat(s)?

Dac I would never clone.  One Dac in a lifetime is enough.  She is a beautiful cat, but her energy level is insane.

Eddie I would consider it if they could take out the gene that causes him not to use the litter box.  I have 3 litter boxes and clean them nightly and he doesn’t use them.

Java I would clone in a heartbeat.  She is a beautiful and shy cat.  I have nothing evil to say about her.

Java's secret hiding spot.
Java’s secret hiding spot.
Eddie being a very bad kitty.
Eddie being a very bad kitty.
This scratching post lasted for 2 years, than Dac joined the family and yeah it's destroyed.
This scratching post lasted for 2 years, than Dac joined the family and yeah it’s destroyed.


The start of crazy season has started.  It’s actually not that bad, but still I’m finding it hard to find time to blog.  I want to keep the wheels on this blog so lets see if I do it.

Wordless Wednesday: I’m the Royal of the Condo!!


A Princess has to be dainty when cleaning her paws. A servant would make the job easier.
Ha ha!! Dac I’m older than you so therefore I get the title Queen Java the Diva.
The girls can be all regal, I’m just going to be Edward the Turd. No dignity for me.
Dac I don’t need help cleaning my ears. I know royals use servants to help them clean, but seriously I can do it myself. Oh, my tongue can’t reach my ears!! Oops, keep cleaning.
A very regal Queen Java the Diva.
The Queen can touch her nose.


{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 9: Purple

Lean back in your chair, take a deep breath: in and out, and think about the color purple.  What comes to mind?  When I think of purple I think of royalty and the song “One-eyed Purple People Eater”.  That would actually make a really good comedy.  A Purple people eater running around in a Palace trying to eat all the Royals.  Ok, purple and pets, my blog is about my cats so purple and cats.  Hmm.   Well I think my Java is a diva and diva’s are sorta of like royalty.

I did a photo shoot with my cats and poor Java was the one who had to wear the purple scarf.  I think I only lost a finger or two in the process because I was feeding my cats treats.  In the process I learnt I’m not a really good photographer and moving cats don’t give you good pictures.  Also the scarf is it really purple??  Kind of like that stupid debate on Friday about the blue and black vs the gold and white dress (it was blue and black).  Good and free advertising for the dress-maker.  Enjoy the photo shoot (with a purple blanket in the backgrounds, lol):

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Can You See my Tonsils??

Cats with their mouths open are the best and funniest pictures.  Enjoy!!!

Eddie hitting the high note in “O Holy Night”.
MOTH!!!! MOTH!!! Eddie look at that moth!!!!!
Woman put down that blasted camera!! I’m trying to sleep! Can’t a cat get any privacy around here!! Geeze!!
Dac suffering from altitude sickness.
“Near, far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on” by Will Jennings
Eddie is such a brat. I can’t live in this house anymore mother. Are you listening mother?? And Java, I can’t stand her either. I’m moving out!! Pack my bags mother.
I think I see your tonsils Eddie. I think you’ll be alright Eddie.
Eddie being a Turd.
Momma look at my tongue?? Am I sick momma? Am I going to be all right.


Selfies and Cats Part 2

I take a  gazzilon pictures of my poor cats.  I’m thinking my cats wish my phone and camera would magically disappear, lol.

Doing Some Cat Yoga

Learn yoga from Dac (unless you’re a human pretzel I suggest you don’t attempt :))!!!!

One of my harder poses. Lie on left side, twist your torso so your right shoulder is on the ground. Now bend so that the back of your head  touches your butt. Stretch your arms above your head. Breath deeply, in and out, and relax.
One of my easier poses. Sit on the ground, and bend your torso forward. Put your hands on the ground. Breath in deeply, in and out, now relax.
This pose requires a deep sense of self. This is my levitating pose. I haven’t mastered total levitation yet, much to my mother’s relief. This pose doesn’t come with instructions: either you can do it or you can’t.
The CRAB!!! Mmmmmm. Basically get on the ground and walk around on all fours (feet and hands). Breath in and out, relax.  Bonus points if you can do it on a 2 by 4 that is a couple of inches off the ground.
Lie on the ground and curl up in a fetal position. Now stretch one leg so that it is straight and parallel with your body (your knee touching your nose). Breath in and out, and relax.


This is one of my easier poses. Lie on your stomach. Put your toes on the ground, so your foot and leg are at a 90 degree angle. Lean on your fore arms, think of a sphinx. Breath through your nose, in and out, and relax.

Hope you had fun doing Dac Yoga!!