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Java was the second one to enter the family.  She was born in spring of 2012.  I decided to get her because Eddie was home alone a lot and I thought he needed a playmate.  Java and Eddie are brother and sister.  They were born to a wild cat my parents have on their yard.  She was named Java because I love coffee.  The other name I considered was Bella, but Edward and Bella, didn’t sound right.

Java is a diva and a goody-two shoes.  She rarely jumps on the counters and is over-all a nice cat.  Java has either a very snooty look or she looks very confused.  She is also very skittish, which is kind of funny because her mom’s name is Scaredy Cat (one of my parent’s wild cats).  When the doorbell rings she dives under the bed and won’t move until the person has left.   She also needs her alone time and can be aloof at times.  She’s not really cuddly, unless I’m in the bathroom and than she is super cuddly.  She also has grand plans to escape one day.  When ever I come home she is sitting in the window and than when I open the door she tries to run out.




Swimming in the Toilet

Dac has a fascination with the toilet and she loves watching when I flush the toilet.  Normally I wait til she jumps off and close the lid, other times I leave the lid open.

I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and Dac jumped onto the toilet and I heard a kerplunk and a splash.  Yup the lid was open.  I chased after her with a towel and tried to dry her off the best I could and contain my laughter.  Luckily it was only her back legs and tail that were wet.  And no she hasn’t learned to avoid the toilet, she still loves it.

The other day I went to use the toilet and she had dropped my toothpaste into the toilet.  I fished it out with the toilet brush and promptly threw it out.

Yup, Dac is an entertaining cat.

Hiding from the big bad monster: THE TOILET.
Belch, swimming in the toilet is NOT fun.
Hmmm, I wonder what I might find in this interesting contraption.

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{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 16: Quizzical

Quizzical is an expression.  A look of confusion and going hmmmm.  So I’m going to make my readers have very quizzical looks by doing a quiz, bwahaha.

  1. What breed is Dac?
  2. Where did I get my cats from?
  3. What does the human like doing?
  4. What is Dac’s favorite toy?
  5. How many cats do I have?
Testing the laws of gravity.


Why I write the way I write!

Have you ever looked at your blog posts and wondered what influenced your writing style?  My high school English teacher and dad would be horrified that I’m writing a blog.  I liked English, but not the grammar part.  I really couldn’t care less about verbs, nouns, semicolons, etc.  Now I love to read and read a ton.

I do notice my sentences are quite choppy and short.  I think that’s how I think.  I’m always thinking and inventing new things in my head and I sometimes can’t keep up writing what I’m thinking.  I try to make my sentences longer, but most times I’m like oh well that’s the way I write.

I have a Bachelor degree so that means 4 years of university.  I had to write a lot of papers/essays and always had to find research articles.  The motto was “for every fact you state you need 5 articles that back up your fact”.  That’s why I include a lot of links, I’m backing up my facts and I love to read.  Maybe there’s others out there who also love reading and learning new things.

Yup, that’s what influences my writing.  In short: I don’t like grammar, I love to read, and I feel the need to back up my facts.

Me, the human, with my other fur babies. Chloe, my pygmy goat, had triplets March 27.


Nail Care

I hate clipping my cats nails.  To me the sound when you clip the nails sounds like someone scratching their nails against a chalkboard.  It’s torture.  I have a lovely sister who clips Dacs nails for me when she comes for a visit.  I would recommend clipping your cats nails to prevent the destruction of your house.

If you cat keeps scratching everything in site something else to try is Soft Paws (https://www.softpaws.com).  I have tried them and loved them.  The only issue I had was the cost and the fact I needed two people to put them on.  I have used on them Eddie and Java once and when they fell off I just left it.  I am tempted to put them on Dac.

A good article on how to trim your cats nails can be found here: http://www.cat-world.com.au/how-to-trim-your-cats-claws.  If you haven’t trimmed a cats nails it is important to read up on it because you can do a lot of damage to the nail if it isn’t trimmed properly.

Another way to keep your cats nails short is to have scratching posts in your house.  My cats hate the cardboard ones and will only use the carpet ones.  I have five scratching posts scattered around my place, lol.  My cats still love destroying my furniture, but luckily all of my furniture was hand me downs so I’m not concerned about the appearance of the furniture.

Java with her pretty nails. Getting them on her was difficult, but it worked.


{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 8: Mirror

This week is mirror and I counted I have 3 mirrors in my place and another bizarre fact I have no pictures up of humans in my place.  I’m a nature and animal type of person.  Also I think the last time someone took a picture of me was a year or two ago.

The closest thing to a family picture. Trying to wrangle 3 cats and a human in one picture I think is mission impossible so 2 cats and human is impressive. Also the human does not do selfies or pictures of herself :)!!


Note: I am looking at other people’s blogs on this blog hop.  A lot of blogs don’t have a like button so I can’t show my “like” for your post.  Also I have found that some sites I can’t comment.  I have tried and after 2 tries I gave up.  So I will be a ghost and float around and read blogs.  Sorry I can’t show my appreciation and “like” of your posts.


My Manx Cat

Dac is not a pure breed Manx.  I’m thinking some genes mutated and she ended up with a stump of a tail; most Manx’s have no tails.  She was born to a farm cat and an unknown father, but everything I read on Manx’s relates to her.  Manx’s love to carry things in their mouths, which Dac does.  It’s quite funny when she carries a jingle ball in her mouth because I always know who is coming down the hall.  They need attention, which Dac definitely does.  Manx’s also like to chase things, yup that’s Dac alright.  She does have a very small two-part tail and it’s like her spine keep growing (I can feel a few vertebrae in her tail) and then attached to the spine is what feels like a piece of string (cartilage).  Her tail is very unique and she can wiggle each part of her tail in different directions at the same time.

6tag_061214-160145 IMG_4187

Another thing about Manx’s is that they are very slow growers and I have read online that they can take up to 5 years before they reach the size they will be.  I wouldn’t mind if Dac stayed petite because she is so crazy.  A crazy petite cat is easier to manage than a big crazy cat.  She also insists on walking on me at night or when I’m sitting and watching TV so a petite cat’s weight I can handle, but if Eddie started walking on me, it would end very quickly. I’m also thinking Dac is so small because of the amount of energy she has.  She probably burns more calories than she takes in.  I will occasionally feed her more, if she wants extra food (she will sit by the laundry room door and yodel).

A snippet from: http://www.theultimatecatwebsite.com/cat-breeds.html#MassiveMaineCoon

  The Manx originated on the Isle of Man in the 1500s.This breed is a cat that has rather large hind legs and is born without any tail. Some Manxes are born with stumps, small or short tails, or even a full length tail. If a Manx has a tail, its very hard to tell it from a domestic shorthair. Because of the shortened backbone, this cat also appears to have a curved back. This cat sports all colors and patterns seen in cats (although some associations do not accept color points). The Manx is a shorthaired breed.  This breed is active and curious, and loves to interact with its owner. It is considered a highly intelligent breed.


Interesting information:

If you look at Dac’s tail closely, you can see the poof which part one of her tail and the darker gray piece hanging out of the poof is part two.  Kind of hard to see and one day I might be able to figure out how to upload videos and than you can see clearly her very unique tail.



Merry Ukrainian Christmas!

Enjoy this gallery/slide show I put together of my cats enjoying the traditional Christmas on Dec. 25, 2014.  They are in random order (sorry, not entirely sure how to put them in the correct order :)).  My cats had 3 Christmas’s: they celebrated with my sister and got a reindeer hat from her and they got their Christmas feast, on Dec. 25 they opened their Secret Santa Claws 2014 from the Cat Instagram community, and they got presents from my family on Dec. 26.  I think my cats celebrated more than I did, lol.

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The Selfie with a Cat

The selfie is a relative new phenomena (didn’t happen when I was growing up in the 90’s) and someone has even developed a selfie stick (http://www.walmart.com/ip/Minisuit-Selfie-Stick-Pro-with-Built-In-Remote-on-Handle-for-GoPro-Apple-Android-Phones/40506535).  Personally  I hate selfies and rarely take any.  If I “accidentally” take a selfie, it will usually include a cat.