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1,000,000 Pictures of my Cats.

I’m not sure how many pictures I have of my cats, but it is in the thousands, if not tens of thousands.  I usually take 10 pictures of the same pose and than never delete the bad ones.    Going through my pictures I have double the pictures of Dac, compared to Eddie and Java.  I have very few pictures of Java as she is my shy diva.

At a family gathering someone asked “So did you get some nice pictures of everyone?”.  I smiled and said “No.  I only take pictures of animals and scenary”.  The person said “Aren’t some humans animals?”.  Hmmm, got to ponder that one.

Every once in a while I go through my pictures and try to sort them.  It’s not an easy task and takes a while, but I love looking at pictures of my cats.  I hope you enjoy the pictures I post of my cats.

Simple math: an average of 10 pics a day times 365 days of the year equals 3650 times 3 (how old my kitties are) equals 10, 950 pictures.  Yeah, I’m a tad crazy, lol.