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52 Snapshots of Life: Winter

Winter in the far north is all about hibernating.  Staying in bed and staying nice and warm.  Having 3 kitties helps keep the human warm.


I like lists and I like challenges.  I found a blog that is challenging people to post a pic every week with a different them.  Sounds very interesting.  Check out this website for more information: http://www.thelazypitbull.com/2015/01/52-snapshots-winter/

From The Lazy Pitbull:

52 Snapshots isn’t just for pet bloggers. It’s for anyone who loves to take photos, and even though we’re already into week 5, it’s never too late to join us! Simply snap a photo based on the current week’s theme (shown in the photo above), and then share your masterpiece in a blog post, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you like. It’s so much fun seeing what everyone comes up with each and every week!

Crazy Life

It’s the crazy season for the human.  Trying to get the 5 acre market garden seeded and Mother Nature hasn’t been cooperating.  The garden got 4.5 inches of rain in 36 hours and every couple of days since than its been sprinkling.  My first Farmers’ Market is June 5.

Also it doesn’t help that my laptop is still in the repair shop. My kitties are doing fine and DAC is her usual nutty self.

Have a wonderful day.WP_20140508_013

Swinging into the “crazy cat lady” area.

So I have a couple of songs I sing to Dac.  Yeah I’m thinking that puts me into the crazy cat area.  I’m ok with that, if I die being known as the crazy cat lady I’ll be happy.

Hickory Daciquiri Dock

The cat ran up the clock

The clock struck one

The cat ran down

Hickory Daciquiri Dock

Original lyrics by: Mother Goose Rhymes

The other is: Dac, Dac, Goose.


Coda the farm cat

This is one of my parents farm cats.  She was dumped in the country and wandered onto my parent’s yard.  I first thought she was de-clawed, but her nails were just cut really short.  She is a gorgeous cat and the people who dumped her are idiots.  I was trying to name her Kautje (Cute Ya), which is Low German for kitten.  Everyone though I was calling her: Kota (Co-ta)  which means male cat in Low German.  She is very much a female so they thought I was crazy giving her a name which meant male cat.  So I decided to just give her the English name Coda.

Seriously Lorissa, how many more pictures do you need of me??

IMG_4160 IMG_4163