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{52 Snapshots of Life} Week 8: Mirror

This week is mirror and I counted I have 3 mirrors in my place and another bizarre fact I have no pictures up of humans in my place.  I’m a nature and animal type of person.  Also I think the last time someone took a picture of me was a year or two ago.

The closest thing to a family picture. Trying to wrangle 3 cats and a human in one picture I think is mission impossible so 2 cats and human is impressive. Also the human does not do selfies or pictures of herself :)!!


Note: I am looking at other people’s blogs on this blog hop.  A lot of blogs don’t have a like button so I can’t show my “like” for your post.  Also I have found that some sites I can’t comment.  I have tried and after 2 tries I gave up.  So I will be a ghost and float around and read blogs.  Sorry I can’t show my appreciation and “like” of your posts.



Selfies and Cats Part 2

I take a  gazzilon pictures of my poor cats.  I’m thinking my cats wish my phone and camera would magically disappear, lol.