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A Typical Morning with a CAT!!!!!

So I’m a night owl and usually go to bed at 1 or 2 am  and sleep for 10 hours.  That’s how I function and makes me happy.  Dac thinks that is WAY to long to wait to be fed so she insists on being fed between 7 am and 10 am.  Here’s her routine:

  1. Scratch at the blanket so the human lets me in.
  2. Climb all over the human and poke her with my nails.
  3. Lick her hands or start to make biscuits.
  4. Climb out of blanket.
  5. Repeat 1-4 until human gets up.

I get up and fed all three fur balls and climb back into bed.  I don’t free feed my cats because of the risk of obesity.  Java is a pig and would eat herself silly.  I would love to free feed Dac, but not going to happen because of my other two cats.  It’s much easier to have healthy weight cats than have to get a cat to lose weight.


Jumping on the Bladder.

I’m still trying to figure out what is worse having a 14.5 lb or so cat jumping on your full bladder or jingle balls.  I’m leaning towards the bladder.  I’m sure my neighbors are wondering why they often hear their neighbor scream “My bladder” (my walls are paper thin).  Also Eddie tends to jump on my bladder first thing in the morning.  Oh the pain.



Am I Meowdley Enough??

My cats are going to be models in a calendar.  I’m horrible at picking the best pic so here are 6 that I have decided are the best.  The calendar is a desk top tear away a day type calendar.  Comment which pic is best :).

1. Sleeping beauties.
2. The Wild Child
3. Is that a mouse on the floor? Who’s going to get it??
4. The family intervention. Mother’s gone crazy and we need to help her.
5. That really is a mouse on the floor. Eddie “Nom nom, food is more important than mice”. (I live on a second floor so no mice possible or I hope :{..)
6. A typical day and my “normal” family.


Jingle Balls, Batman Smells.

Ok, I’ll admit that is the only line I know from that song and I don’t even know where I heard it.  I googled it and hear is a link to the whole song: http://www.cowboylyrics.com/lyrics/wilson-steven/jingle-bells-batman-smells-37149.html

Why did this song pop in my head?? Because of blasted Dac, my lovable, $#%^#@$ manx cat.  I love her dearly, but sometimes her antics make my hair gray pre-maturely.   I was in a peaceful sleep and I hear jingling.  I look up and Dac has a jingle ball in her cat bed.  I pick it up and hurl it out of bed and attempt to go back to sleep.  I hear jingling again.  The blasted cat knows how to play fetch.  I confiscated the ball and hoped she wouldn’t find the other 15 jingle balls in the house and hope for a peaceful, non-jingling sleep.


Confusion During the Night

So I’m sound asleep, like totally out cold and nothing should wake me up.  While I woke up with a start.  I’m half asleep, heart is pounding, and I’m confused.  There is a racket going on and I don’t know where or what that noise is.  My neighbors are being inconsiderate and yabbering away in the dead of the night (the walls are paper thin)?  Oh wait, maybe that’s my neighbor sleep talking and I shouldn’t be too pissed off that he woke up me.  Than I become more awake and more aware.  Oh that noise is coming from around my knees.  What???  Is that Eddie snoring??  Before I can totally figure it out I fall fast asleep.  My brain decided I wasn’t in any danger and shut off again.

In the morning I still couldn’t figure it out, Eddie snoring or my neighbors yabbering in the middle of the night.  I’m leaning to Eddie snoring really really loudly.  Now snoring can be a sign of bad health in a cat, but I’ve figured Eddie is healthy.  He just snores really loudly at night.


52 Snapshots of Life: Winter

Winter in the far north is all about hibernating.  Staying in bed and staying nice and warm.  Having 3 kitties helps keep the human warm.


I like lists and I like challenges.  I found a blog that is challenging people to post a pic every week with a different them.  Sounds very interesting.  Check out this website for more information: http://www.thelazypitbull.com/2015/01/52-snapshots-winter/

From The Lazy Pitbull:

52 Snapshots isn’t just for pet bloggers. It’s for anyone who loves to take photos, and even though we’re already into week 5, it’s never too late to join us! Simply snap a photo based on the current week’s theme (shown in the photo above), and then share your masterpiece in a blog post, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever you like. It’s so much fun seeing what everyone comes up with each and every week!

Glow in the Dark Cats

I’m very tempted to get glow-in-the-dark paint and paint an E on Eddie’s forehead and an J on Java’s forehead.  Dac would escape this nonsense because I can tell who she is in the dark.  I’m guessing putting collars on would be a more humane and easier way to identify my cats in the dark.  The only problem is as soon as I put anything on my cats they:

  • Java acts “stupid” and pretend faints til the offending object is off of her.
  • Dac goes berserk til the object is off.
  • Eddie just gives me the look of death til I remove the offending object.

I have put scarves, halter’s, and hats on my cats, much to their chagrin.

Why do I want to know which cat is who in the dark??  While because each one of my cats is unique.  Dac licks you and is a wiggle bum.  Java is a sweetheart and I don’t mind snuggling with her in the dark.  Although she has a weird tendency to sometimes sleep on my face or put her bum on my face.  Eddie gets busy making moist dough (he knead’s and sucks) and his nails often puncture my skin lightly.  By knowing which cat is in my bed I can mentally prepare for the “torture” that the three of them put me through, lol.  Also I find it a little offensive calling the cat the wrong name, when they are being sweet and snuggling with me.

With a glow-in-the-dark initial on their forehead I would always know which cat is with me in bed.   Also it would prevent me waking up confused some mornings.  I have some days been snuggling with Dac, dozed off, woke up snuggling a cat and felt a long tail.  While Dac doesn’t have a long tail and when I looked up Dac was sitting at the edge of the bed looking at me.  While somehow Dac and Java switched spots, confusing the poor human.

The Selfie with a Cat

The selfie is a relative new phenomena (didn’t happen when I was growing up in the 90’s) and someone has even developed a selfie stick (http://www.walmart.com/ip/Minisuit-Selfie-Stick-Pro-with-Built-In-Remote-on-Handle-for-GoPro-Apple-Android-Phones/40506535).  Personally  I hate selfies and rarely take any.  If I “accidentally” take a selfie, it will usually include a cat.