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Lost in Translation

Not a post about cats, but being confused by the English language. I have a speech disorder and some days, unintentionally, make up my own words.  My family finds it hilarious when I say a word they never heard of before.  I had a farm kitten (who sadly ran away) who I was trying to name “Kitten” in Low German. While everyone thought I was trying to name her the word used for male cat. I finally just named her Coda.

This Christmas we had a British guest over for Christmas. We were talking about differences in words between England/Canada/USA. I can’t remember what the differences were so I’m asking my cat (human) friends to help.

  • Some I’ve noticed:
    -Roof (Canadian) vs Rough (some people in the US)
    -Personal Care Home (Canadian). Others I’ve noticed: Old Folks Home, Nursing Home, and……
    -Soda or Pop. I think I usually use Pop, but I do interchange the two.
    -Chips (Canadian) and Crisps (British).
    -Gas Station (Canadian) and Petrol Station (British).
  • -Breakfast (first meal of the day), Lunch (middle meal), and Supper (last meal). Faspa-a light Sunday meal (cold cut meats, pickles, cheese, butter, and buns. Mmmm).
  • -Playground equipment or jungle gym or play structure or…….

Another thing our British guest said is strange is our way of eating steak. In my family we like our steaks well down (shoe leather to our guest, lol). She said her mom often eats blue meat (eating a mooing cow) and she prefers rare steak.

A cat is a chat is a katt or is it??

So what other differences have you noticed in the English language?



Dumping cats and talking cats

This is Allen, one of my parent’s farm cats.

Ohhhh, this is the life, spoiled rotten.

He either wandered onto their yard or he was dumped.  I’m amazed at how many people dump their cats in the country.  It’s so sad seeing these abandoned cats and it’s not a good idea to dump cats in the country.  The dog my parent’s has knows which cat belongs on the yard and which doesn’t.  He usually runs strays off the yard.  Also some farms only want a certain amount of cats and will have to kill kittens/cats once they go over the amount.  Also farm cats can have a rough life (lots of fighting and sickness) and have a life span of 5 years (whereas indoors have a lifespan of around 15 years).  In our area there is no animal shelter so people have no place to take their unwanted pets.  My parent’s spend over $100 (which is way way more than what they want to spend) a month on cat food and don’t want no more cats so I hope no more will be dumped on their yard.

We know Allen use to be an indoor cat because he was well taken care of and is fixed.  He is a spoiled rotten cat and is well taken care of at my parent’s place.  Allen is one big tomcat and loves to TALK.  I always thought I would love a talking cat, but after being around Allen I don’t want a cat that talks.  You can have a nice conversation with Allen, but after a while you wish for peace and quiet.  Whenever you walk into the barn, Allen makes his presence known and if you respond to his meowing he gets louder.  Luckly my three cats are for the most part quiet and if they start meowing non-stop, they get to go for a walk outside (they hate being outside) and that quiets them down.

This link lists the 9 most talkative breeds of cats:  http://www.vetstreet.com/cats/meet-9-chatty-cat-breed  So before you get a very chatty cat make sure it is something that you can handle.  I get stressed when my cats start meowing non-stop because I know what they want (FOOD) and they won’t get it because I don’t want obese cats.  I am sensitive to sounds so non-stop meowing would make me go batty.



Meow, meow.  Pet me please.  Like as in now.  Pet me NOW.
Meow, meow. Pet me please. Like as in now. Pet me NOW.