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Swimming in the Toilet

Dac has a fascination with the toilet and she loves watching when I flush the toilet.  Normally I wait til she jumps off and close the lid, other times I leave the lid open.

I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and Dac jumped onto the toilet and I heard a kerplunk and a splash.  Yup the lid was open.  I chased after her with a towel and tried to dry her off the best I could and contain my laughter.  Luckily it was only her back legs and tail that were wet.  And no she hasn’t learned to avoid the toilet, she still loves it.

The other day I went to use the toilet and she had dropped my toothpaste into the toilet.  I fished it out with the toilet brush and promptly threw it out.

Yup, Dac is an entertaining cat.

Hiding from the big bad monster: THE TOILET.
Belch, swimming in the toilet is NOT fun.
Hmmm, I wonder what I might find in this interesting contraption.

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Bathroom and Cats

When you don’t have any cats going to the bathroom is pretty straight forward.  You do your business, wash your hands, and leave.  Throw in some cats and your life changes.

Bathroom Routine:

  • Go to bathroom and have 6 eyes looking at you.
  • Have to open the drawer for Dac and the cupboard door because she hasn’t figured out she can come out through the drawer she just went into.
  • Turn the tap on to a slow stream, not too slow and not to fast, so Java can drink from it.
  • Help Eddie get behind the shower curtain.
  • Snuggle with Java.  She is not a snuggly cat until I sit on the toilet.
  • Get Java off of my lap so I can leave the bathroom.